Who We Are

The Seattle City Light Review Panel was created March 22, 2010 through City Council Ordinance Number 123256. The Review Panel is the successor to the City Light Advisory Board/Committee (2003 - 2010) and the Rate Advisory Committee (2009) and combines the duties of both groups. An updated City Council Ordinance Number 124740 was passed April 6, 2015.

The nine panel members come from City Light's customer groups, as well as areas of utility business expertise. Panel member roles are:

Position 1 - Economist 
Position 2 - Financial Analyst
Position 3 - Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Advocate
Position 4 - Residential Customer
Position 5 - Commercial Customer
Position 6 - Industrial Customer
Position 7 - Low Income Customer
Position 8 - At-Large Customer
Position 9 - Suburban Franchise Customer  

Five members are nominated by the mayor and four members are nominated by the city council, serving staggered three-year terms. The Review Panel is generally responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on the City Light strategic plan and City Light's rates.

Timothy Skeel

Position 1 - Economist
Consultant, Economics and Asset Management

Bio + -

Mr. Skeel has thirty-five years of experience applying economic principles, research and analysis to guide public policy, including transportation and utility asset management, capital and O&M expenditure optimization, life cycle costing, risk assessment, integrated resource planning, non-market social and environmental (triple bottom line) valuation, modeling, econometrics, demand forecasting, benefit/cost analysis, utility rate setting, and financial forecasting and analysis.

He has held positions that include Principal Economist for the City of Seattle at Public Utilities and the Department of Transportation, Director of Asset Management Services for CH2M Hill, Economics instructor at the University of Washington and North Seattle Community College, Economist for the Montana Department of Natural Resources and independent Asset Management Economics Consultant.

Mr. Steel received a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, 1983 and has completed all requirements for Ph.D. except dissertation.

Scott Haskins

Position 2 - Financial Analyst
Managing Director in Haskins Strategic

Bio + -

Mr. Haskins is a subject matter expert and industry leader in utility financial management, asset and risk management, contracting, social equity, utility management, operations and maintenance, strategic planning, P3, leadership development, performance management, benchmarking, environmental management and sustainability, resilience, risk management, triple bottom line and business case analysis. His background includes 30 years of utility management experience, primarily as Deputy Director for Seattle Water Department and Seattle Public Utilities, directing finance, project development, operations and maintenance, community programs, planning and executive leadership over the full range of wastewater, drinking water, and solid waste functions for City of Seattle.

As a global director in Strategic Consulting for CH2M, now Jacobs, Mr. Haskins has worked closely with international industry organizations and clients leading innovation and standards for benchmarking, optimization, asset management, and organizational development. Scott also serves on the Advisory Board for the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at University of Washington where he received his Master in Public Administration.

Kerry Meade

Position 3 - Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Advocate
Executive Director of Northwest Energy Efficiency Council

Bio + -

Ms. Meade is the Executive Director of an energy efficiency business association, supporting the Pacific NW energy efficiency business community as it transitions and pivots through the clean energy transformation. She has a valuable perspective to contribute to the City Light Review Panel, and a strong interest in seeing City Light successfully navigate the competing pressures it faces. Ms. Meade has substantial experience and knowledge of the tumult in the electric sector as well as the vast opportunities-opportunities to reimagine the utility business model with new rate designs and service lines, to rethink the relationship between buildings and the distribution system and the role of distributed energy resources, and the opportunity to partner with the community to leverage urban infrastructure in supporting the City's climate and affordability goals.

Leo Lam

Position 4 - Residential Customer Representative
Chief Executive Officer of WEVE Design

Bio + -

Dr. Lam has been a Seattleite for over 20 years, and as a former electrical engineering faculty at the University of Washington and a keen researcher in sustainability, he cares deeply about Seattle's energy supply chain. Dr. Lam strongly believes that City Light and the energy culture of the country must be part of the solutions to both climate change and equality issues faced by the City and the nation. 

Dr. Lam is an innovative executive leader with expertise in multiple arenas ranging from multi-discipline engineering, product design, and strategic consulting to business development and process improvement. He has strong background in market research and scientific communications. Dr. Lam excels in leading organizations through strategic planning, creative solution development, and implementation of large, complex initiatives that dramatically improve performance through a unique skill set. He has proven the ability to lead, motivate, and integrate cross-functional teams and to initiate transformational solutions creating a high-performing workforce and accelerating strategic growth.

Mikel Hansen

Position 5 - Commercial Customer Representative
Chief Operating Officer of Sabey Corporation

Bio + -

Mikel Hansen's experience with large, complex properties was established prior to joining Sabey, when he spent nearly 20 years managing some of the nation's largest shopping malls. He eventually returned to his home in the Northwest to manage Southcenter Mall, the largest mall in Washington.

For the past seventeen years he has led the Sabey Property Management Team and is responsible for the management and operations of Sabey's over four million-square-foot diverse portfolio including commercial, office, medical, warehouse and data center uses. As part of Sabey's Development group, Mr. Hansen has taken the lead in executing complex entitlement efforts, negotiating land acquisitions, property sales and re-zonings. He leads Sabey's improvement initiatives such as utility installations and transportation support improvements.

Mr. Hansen serves as Sabey's representative to a variety of municipalities and agencies. He works closely with local jurisdictions and with social initiatives that contribute to the growth and well-being of the communities with which Sabey partners.

Anne Ayre

Position 6 - Industrial Customer Representative
Environmental Manager, CalPortland

Bio + -

Anne Ayre is Environmental Manager for CalPortland, concrete producer and distributor, one of City Light's large industrial customers. She specializes in environmental compliance based on her personal philosophy of providing necessary materials and services while minimizing environmental impacts.

Michelle Mitchell-Brannon

Position 7 - Low Income Customer Representative
Director of Youth Development & Education Support for Atlantic Street Center

Bio + -

Ms. Mitchell-Brannon has created community outreach programs that included school administrators, counselors and teachers, and community provider/teen-parent stakeholders, such as libraries and healthcare clinics for the purpose of providing direct services and simultaneously marketing and promoting programs. This has resulted in average increase in enrollment of 200% per year over 5 years. She also analyzes data and reporting to define outcomes for youth and young adult programs. This includes program evaluation and grant reporting for grants totaling over $1M annually.

John Putz

John Putz

Position 6 - At-Large Customer Representative
Research Scientist for The Energy Authority

Bio + -

Dr. John Putz is a fifteen -year veteran of the energy, energy software and trading industries. John has experience in a wide variety of areas including strategic consulting, risk management, trading, energy software, asset and portfolio optimization, trade and asset valuation, and hydro-generation optimization. John received his PhD in experimental particle physics from the University of Washington.

Joel Paisner

Position 9 - Suburban Franchise Representative
General Council at Ascent Law Partners, LLP

Bio + -

Mr. Paisner brings over thirty years of experience advising, representing, and providing strategic advice to businesses and governmental entities. His practice today is focused on the energy and telecommunications sectors and serving as general counsel to electric utilities in Washington and Alaska.

Mr. Paisner has worked on a wide variety of issues facing electric utilities from project development work to community solar projects, to operational issues, and labor issues. His telecommunication experience involves work for both corporations and utilities assisting with deployment of facilities and negotiating strategic agreements. Mr. Paisner's corporate work includes representation of wireless carriers and service providers, fiber optic providers, cable companies, and covers all aspects of deployment of facilities and operational issues. He has been involved in siting work for many years. He also works with electric utilities throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, advising management and boards on a wide range of issues in this increasingly dynamic area.