Finding a Lawyer

Where can I get legal advice if I cannot afford an attorney?

If the matter is CRIMINAL in nature and to see whether you qualify for having a public defender appointed, call:

Seattle Municipal Court Indigent Screening Program at (206) 733-9753.

You may also call:

Department of Public Defense
(206) 296-7662

The Public Defender Association
(206) 447-3900

Here are some other helpful resources:

Northwest Justice Project
(206) 464-1519

If the matter is CIVIL in nature, you may call one of the following numbers:

Columbia Legal Services
(206) 464-5911

Neighborhood Legal Clinics
(206) 340-2593, Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00-12:00 noon.

Lawyer Referral Service
(206) 267-7010

Legal Voice (formerly Northwest Women's Law Center)
(206) 682-9552

Northwest Justice Project
(206) 464-1519