Seattle Municipal Court Judges

The Seattle Municipal Court's judges are elected to judicial departments for a four-year term. 

Seattle Municipal Court judges wearing masks

Standing, Left to Right:
Honorable Willie GregoryHonorable Anita Crawford-WillisHonorable Adam Eisenberg, Honorable Damon Shadid

Sitting, Left to Right:
Honorable Andrea Chin, Honorable Catherine McDowallHonorable Faye Chess

Photo credit:
Steve Schimmelman, @StevenArtPhoto

Judges' Role and Responsibilities

The majority of the Seattle Municipal Court Judges' time is dedicated to jury trials and pretrial hearings. They also hear sentencings, arraignments, reviews, non-jury (bench) trials and can perform Marriage Ceremonies.

Presiding Judge

Every other year, the judges select one judge to act as the Presiding Judge for a two-year term. Honorable Willie Gregory is currently serving as Presiding Judge.

The Presiding Judge's responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the Magistrates
  • Lead the management and administration of the court's business
  • Recommend policies and procedures that improve the court's effectiveness
  • Allocate resources that maximize the court's ability to resolve disputes fairly and expeditiously
  • Determine judicial assignments

Current Judicial Assignments

Hon. Willie Gregory, Presiding Judge
Hon. Adam Eisenberg, Assistant Presiding Judge

Courtroom 302: Rotating Judge - Intake (Wednesday Afternoon)
Courtroom 901: Hon. Damon Shadid Mental Health Court
Courtroom 902: Hon. Adam Eisenberg Domestic Violence Court
Courtroom 903: Hon. Damon Shadid General Trial
Courtroom 1001: Hon. Andrea Chin General Trial
Courtroom 1002: Hon. Anita Crawford-Willis General Trial
Courtroom 1003: Master Calendar
Courtroom 1101: Hon. Willie Gregory General Trial/Veterans Treatment/Domestic Violence Court
Courtroom 1102: Rotating Judge
Courtroom 1103: Hon. Faye Chess General Trial
Courtroom KCJ2: Rotating Judge In-custody Arraignments