Light Rail Review Panel

The Light Rail Review Panel (LRRP) completed its final review in 2016.  Please visit the ST3 project page to find information related to the Seattle Design Commission's involvement with Sound Transit 3.


In addition to our other reviews, we provide oversight and support for the City's Light Rail Review Panel (LRRP). The LRRP was formed in 1999 to provide design advice to Sound Transit as it develops its stations and site designs for its Central, University, North, and East Link light rail programs.

The following representatives make up the LRRP:

  • All 10 members of the Seattle Design Commission
  • 3 members of the Seattle Planning Commission
  • 1 member of the Seattle Arts Commission

Similar to the Design Commission, the LRRP provides advice to Sound Transit on all phases of station and site design, from original concept through final design details. Like us, the LRRP is not a regulatory body; its authority was established as part of the 1998 Memorandum of Agreement between the City and Sound Transit (City Council Ordinance 122400).

Seattle Design Commission

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The Seattle Design Commission advises the Mayor, City Council, and City departments on the design of capital improvements and other projects and policies that shape Seattle's public realm.