Results and Reports

Seattle Preschool Program

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Results from Levy Investments - Annual and Mid-Year Reports

We track results from schools and agencies on an ongoing basis, and publish a Mid-Year and an Annual Report for each school year. Because much of the data on students' test scores is not available until the end of the school year, the Mid-Year Report focuses primarily on attendance and passing courses results and changes to interventions based on what is working and what is not.

Mid-Year ReportAnnual Report
2017-18 SY (none) 2017-19 SY
2016-17 SY 2016-17 SY
2015-16 SY 2015-16 SY
2014-15 SY 2014-15 SY
2013-14 SY 2013-14 SY
2012-13 School Year (SY) 2012-13 SY
2011-12 SY (none) 2011-12 SY and 2004 Levy Seven-Year Summary
2010-11 SY 2010-11 SY 
2009-10 SY   2009-10 SY 
2008-09 SY  2008-09 SY 
2007-08 SY 2007 Report to the Community
2006-07 SY 2006-07 SY 
2005-06 SY 2005-06 SY 

Seattle Public Schools Performance Data Reports

The Performance Data Reports provide a summary of how all Seattle public school students, not just those in Levy-funded schools, are performing.