Preschool Curriculum Course

HighScope Preschool Curriculum Course

DEEL will offer a four-week Preschool Curriculum Course (PCC) that prepares teachers and caregivers to implement the HighScope approach in their programs. The PCC consists of 20 six-hour days. The approach includes active learning, practice and reflection, and self-study methods. Trainings will be scheduled to allow teachers sufficient time to practice what they have learned in their own classrooms. The PCC covers five major topics:

  • Active Learning
  • Adult-Child Interaction
  • Learning Environment
  • Daily Routine
  • Assessment

PCC participants will be assigned to a small group to discuss implementation and challenges before moving on to new material. They will also complete reading assignments and writing activities to reflect upon what they have learned. Based on stakeholder input and the needs of Seattle students, the PCC will include training topics on dual language learning, culturally responsive teaching, math, and science.

Teacher Certification
HighScope teacher certification remains in effect for a period of three years. After this time, individuals have the option of recertifying by repeating the initial certification process.

Teacher/Program Supports
The following supports will be offered to allow teachers to participate in and benefit from the PCC course.

  • Substitute teacher support. DEEL will provide funding to offset the cost of substitute teachers so that teachers can be released and paid during training.

  • MERIT/STARS/Clock Hours credit. Teachers will receive credit for completion of coursework. MERIT (Washington's Managed Education and Registry Information Tool) and STARS (State Training and Registry System) are systems for documenting and recognizing the professional achievements of educators in early care and school-age educators.

  • Academic coursework/child development associate teacher. Credit towards a degree for HighScope coursework is currently in development in Washington state.

  • Annual completion and retention bonuses. Eligible teachers will receive a $1,000 bonus when they complete the coursework and become certified. They will receive an additional $500 for each year that they stay at the same school or program. Another $500 will be available following recertification in year three. Bonuses will be available through at least the 2018-19 school year-the final school year for the current Families and Education Levy.

  • Translation/interpretation services. To ensurethat all interested teachers can participate, services will be available in multiple languages.

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If you would like to learn more about the Preschool Curriculum Course, please contact France Robinson at (206) 615-0029,