Resource Conservation Initiative

To improve resource efficiency across the City of Seattle's building portfolio, the Office of Sustainability and Environment coordinates a citywide Resource Conservation Management Initiative. In 2013, Resolution 31491 adopted the Resource Conservation Management Plan (PDF) to centralize resource use monitoring and to coordinate with capital departments to build on their existing efforts to improve the efficiency of City facility operations.

In conjunction with the Building Tune-Ups Ordinance (Seattle Municipal Code 22.930) adopted in 2016, the City adopted Resolution 31652 which requires municipal buildings to meet the requirements for Building Tune-Ups according to the following deadlines:

 Building area, excluding parking  Compliance deadline
 ≥ 200,000 SF  October 1, 2017
 100,000 - 199,000 SF  October 1, 2018
 50,000 - 99,000 SF  October 1, 2020