Energy Benchmarking Resources

Basic Program Information

  • View the Energy Benchmarking OSE Director’s Rule 2017-01 for clarification on benchmarking requirements including details on buildings subject to the law.
  • Building Potential maintains a directory of firms that offer building benchmarking services. The City of Seattle cannot make any recommendations or referrals.

Compliance Documents

The Seattle Energy Benchmarking How to Guide provides step by step instructions to help you benchmark your building to comply with the City of Seattle’s energy benchmarking and reporting requirement. 


  1. Property Use Details Worksheet for ENERGY STAR Eligible Buildings
  2. Entering Utility Data Manually into Portfolio Manager
  3. Contact and Website Resources
  4. Entering Building Details and Common Portfolio Manager Errors
  5. Submitting Seattle City Light Data Exchange Authorization

First time benchmarking? Reference the New User Compliance Checklist to make sure you haven’t missed a reporting step.

Already have a Portfolio Manager account for your building? Use the Annual Update Checklist to update your building’s uses, correct default values and confirm all energy consumption data is included for the required reporting year.

Energy Benchmarking Tips


The Seattle Energy Benchmarking Map displays building performance data for properties required to annually comply, multifamily and nonresidential buildings greater than 20,000 square feet. The interactive data visualization site includes performance snapshots and reports to view performance over time.

View Performance Ranges of Seattle Buildings by Property Type.

Utility Incentives

Additional Information

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