Rental Rehabilitation Loans

Rental rehabilitation loans are intended to improve the condition of low cost rental housing by providing owners with capital to make needed improvements without raising rents. Owners, who may include new owners acquiring housing, will agree to provide units at Affordable Rents for Low-Income tenants for a term determined by the amount of OH funding.

Priority will be given to properties with units that have rents at or below Affordable Rents for households with incomes at or below 60% of Median Income, and to properties with such households in occupancy.

Funding under the Program shall be advertised through a periodic Notice of Fund Availability (NOFA). Application requirements and selection criteria will be specified in the NOFA and generally will include the necessity of the proposed rehabilitation, the extent of benefits to the building tenants, and the credit-worthiness of the applicant.

Rental Rehabilitation Funding

The City of Seattle Office of Housing (OH) announces the availability of $2 million in funding for Rental Rehabilitation Loans. Rental Rehabilitation Loans (Loans) provides owners with capital to make needed improvements without raising rents. Owners, who may include new owners acquiring housing, must agree to provide units at affordable rents to low-income tenants for 10-15 years, depending on loan terms. Loans can provide the following benefits:

  • Under certain conditions, principal and interest may be deferred for the loan term, with the interest rate reduced to 0% at the end of the loan maturity, if the building has been fully compliant during the loan term.
  • Technical assistance throughout the project, including identifying the most critical rehabilitation needs, assessing greatest opportunities for saving energy, reviewing bids, identifying contractors, providing in-progress construction inspections and final inspections on work completed.
  • Assistance in identifying and coordinating other assistance, including energy efficiency grants, free toilet replacements, and enrollment of tenants in the Utility Discount Program.
  • Assistance with income qualification of tenants.


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