Transportation Network Company Driver Deactivation Rights Ordinance

Deactivation Appeals Panel

Rules: SHRR Chapter 200

Seattle Municipal Code 14.32

Important Updates:

  • Effective Date: This law went into effect on July 1, 2021.
  • Final Rules: The Office of Labor Standards (OLS) released final administrative rules (Seattle Human Rights Rules Chapter 200) on June 1, 2021. These final rules help to clarify requirements of the law and procedures to be used by the parties during the Deactivation Appeals Panel process. The Deactivation Appeals Panel provides a venue for Transportation Network Company (TNC) drivers to challenge deactivation disputes, an action that blocks drivers' access to the online platform that allows the driver to provide rides to customers, before a neutral arbitrator and creates support for drivers to assert their rights.
  • Resources to Come: In June 2021, OLS released different resources such as required notices, templates, and forms to help in using the Deactivation Appeals Panel Process. OLS will continue to provide more resources related to the Deactivation Appeals Panel process as they become available. Please click on the Deactivation Appeals Panel link here  to view available information. Please continue to check this page and sign up for the OLS newsletter to receive updates.
  • Help for Drivers: If you are a TNC driver and are looking for information about your rights or if you have been deactivated and are looking for help about your options/next steps, the Driver Resolution Center (DRC) may be able to assist. The City of Seattle has contracted with Drivers Union to provide support and services to TNC drivers. Services include free consultation and representation in deactivation disputes, and outreach and education about Seattle labor standards. Drivers do not need to be union members to access DRC services. Drivers Union also provides free in-language services for drivers whose primary language is not English, such as interpreters and information written in other languages.

    Driver Resolution Center c/o Drivers Union       
     Phone: (206) 812-0829        

The Transportation Network Company (TNC) Driver Deactivation Rights Ordinance (Seattle Municipal Code 14.32) provides TNC drivers with the following rights and protections when they have been deactivated (i.e. when a TNC blocks a driver's access to the platform rendering them incapable of providing rides to customers):

  • Prohibition of "unwarranted deactivation".
  • The right to challenge unwarranted deactivations before a neutral arbitrator.
  • Creation of a first-in-the-nation Driver Resolution Center (DRC) to provide drivers with culturally competent outreach and education as well as fee-free skilled representation in deactivation disputes.