Rapid Adjudication

What is Rapid Adjudication?

Rapid Adjudication (RA) is an alternative dispute resolution method designed to encourage SPD employees to take responsibility when their behavior or actions are inconsistent with SPD policy. In cases settled through RA, the employee accepts pre-determined discipline, which is recommended by OPA and agreed to by the Chief of Police, instead of undergoing a full OPA investigation. RA therefore provides for faster case resolution for the complainant, named employee, and OPA, while still upholding principles of accountability. It is, however, a final outcome, since appeals are not part of the process. RA is an inclusive process designed to enhance the confidence and trust of the public SPD serves.

Goals of Rapid Adjudication

  • Foster a culture of accountability and responsibility
  • Provide a fast complaint resolution for all involved parties
  • Decrease the number of appeals and other delays
  • Enable OPA to focus investigative resources on more serious cases

Case Selection & Oversight

RA can be proposed by OPA to the SPD employee or initiated by the SPD employee. OPA leadership evaluates case suitability by ensuring the facts are fully known and that alleged misconduct meets the defined eligibility criteria. At that point, OPA seeks input from the Office of Inspector General for Public Safety (OIG) before forwarding the potentially suitable RA case to the Chief of Police for a final decision. The outside review of both offices ensures a thoroughly vetted process.

The following types of allegations are ineligible for processing via RA:

  • Any case with a concurrent Equal Employment Opportunity, Force Review Board, or Force Investigation Team investigation.


The initial case evaluation and assessment process takes approximately 10 days to complete. In that time, OPA:

  • Determines if the case is eligible
  • Conducts a preliminary investigation (gathers evidence, analyzes documentation and video, interviews the complainant if applicable, and reviews the employee's complaint history)
  • Develops proposed discipline in coordination with legal counsel
  • Sends proposed RA classification and discipline to the Office of Inspector General for review
  • Sends proposed RA classification and discipline to the Chief of Police for review and approval

Once the proposed discipline is determined, OPA shares it with the employee, who must then accept or decline it. If accepted, the case is closed, and the proposed discipline is imposed. If rejected, the case is processed through traditional methods. If the Chief provides a range of discipline, the employee has the option of meeting with the Chief to discuss the case.


Memorandum DateCase #Disposition
December 21, 2020 2020OPA-0158 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
October 27, 2020 2020OPA-0216 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
October 27, 2020 2020OPA-0348 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
October 21, 2020 2020OPA-0132 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
October 21, 2020 2020OPA-0045 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
January 29, 2020 2019OPA-0820 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
January 3, 2020 2019OPA-0720 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
October 14, 2019 2019OPA-0316 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
September 24, 2019 2019OPA-0451 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
September 6, 2019 2019OPA-0492 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
June 4, 2019 2019OPA-0176 Sustained Rapid Adjudication
May 6, 2019 2018OPA-1014 Sustained Rapid Adjudication