Dr. Jose Rizal Park Renovation

Updated: November 29, 2022

Fall 2022

Please visit regularly for updates.  Answers to questions we received will be posted and available to all. Translations for Design Opportunity below.

The goal of this project is to design park improvements through grassroots community engagement efforts with careful consideration for contextual and cultural factors. Seattle Parks and Recreation recognizes the need to increase public participation in the design of public spaces in the City of Seattle by soliciting, supporting, and empowering community ideas.  Elevate is our initiative in response to this need.  

Elevate is Seattle Parks and Recreations initiative to elevate, diversify, and widen the platform of opportunity for everyone.  It aims to strengthen the connection between park design and the community it serves, by rewarding vision and purpose, and by providing support throughout the creation for new and vital parks designs.

We need you to participate!  Prior experience with SPR is not required for participating in this design opportunity. Members of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) are highly encouraged to participate.

There are three main steps to move your ideas forward and participate in the new Elevate initiative for Dr. Jose Rizal Park design project.

Part 1: Statement of Interest and Shortlist

Timeline for Submissions: 

  • Deadline for questions to be submitted – October 28
  • Deadline for submissions – December 5
  • Three to five participants will be shortlisted to receive stipend and move onto Part 2

Part 1 - Questions and Answers (English)

Appendix 2 - UW Research

Part 2: Design Brief, Interview, and Selection

Part 3: Request For Proposal


Jose Rizal Park (Dr.), 1007 12th Ave S, 98144


Seattle Park District Fund: $50,000, Real Estate Excise Tax II Capital Fund: $350,000, Seattle Parks and Recreation is working to secure additional funding and grants for this project.


Planning and Community Engagement: Fall 2022
Construction: To be determined

Project Description

Park improvements including renovation and/or reconfiguration of existing park assets.

Community Participation

Please watch this page for opportunities to participate in the public process, which is expected to begin in fall of 2022.