Herring's House Park (Tualtwx) – Shoreline Restoration

Updated: March 11, 2024

Spring 2024

We have hired an Environmental Science Associates (ESA) consultant to complete a study of the shoreline habitat at the park. The study has identified options for SPR, partners and stakeholders to evaluate to select a design option that will promote improved use of the habitat by juvenile salmon. The goal is to promote a stronger salmon population in this historic waterway.

In the early 2000s, SPRn invested in this area's habitat by restoring the shoreline vegetation and creating a tidal inlet for fish migrating in and out of the waterway. We are now looking to help this habitat provide greater value for the local wildlife.

We now have an executive summary draft and are waiting for the final version with minor edits and details added. When this final version is delivered we will work to identify the next steps appropriate for taking this design to the next phase of design development and funding planning.

View the draft summary here


Herring's House Park (Tualtwx) - Shoreline and tidal inlet area:
4570 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle 98106


$75,000 in funding from King County’s Cooperative Watershed Management Grant Program, additional funding from Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Beach and Habitat restoration fund.


Design Study: Summer/Fall 2023
Construction: TBD

Project Description

Juvenile salmonids access the shallow saltwater marsh at Herring’s House Park on the Lower Duwamish, but it may not be accessible at all tidal elevations and/or the access point to the marsh may be too narrow to attract significant use by large numbers of juveniles as they out-migrate. The consultant will prepare a feasibility study outlining the issues and opportunities at the site and prepare up to three alternative design concepts to provide better access for juvenile salmonids to the marsh. A preferred concept will be selected.

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