Hubbard Homestead Play Area

Updated: August 24, 2021

Late Summer 2021

Seattle Parks and Recreation awarded the construction contract to LW Sundstrom Construction for the addition of the play area to Hubbard Homestead Park. Contractor mobilization will occur after Labor Day and portions of the park adjacent to the new play area will be closed.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and attended the meetings. The community's engagement in the public process was very helpful. Please see survey results and notes from the meetings below.

The Hubbard Homestead play area project site will be located on the east end of Hubbard Homestead Park. The scope for the project will include minor site improvements and a play area that's in compliance with current play area safety standards and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access. Funding for this park improvement is provided by Seattle Park District.


Hubbard Homestead Park, 11203 5th Ave NE, 98125


The Seattle Parks District provides $600,000 in funding for this project.   


Planning and Design: Summer 2018 - Summer 2020
Bidding: Fall 2020
Construction: Late 2021 

Project Description

This project will develop a play area within the existing Hubbard Homestead Park. The goal is to provide playground equipment which will include play elements and access for children of all ages and abilities. Improvements will include fall surfacing, seating, storm water mitigation and limited landscape improvements. 

As part of this project we will be decommissioning the playground at Victory Creek Park, 1059 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125. Unfortunately, playgrounds are not designed and constructed to last forever and this playground was no exception. Under Parks and Recreation policy number 060-P 5.12.1, a decommissioning is necessary because it is substantially out of code compliance. The decommissioning of this playground will allow maintenance resources for a new play area at Hubbard Homestead Park.

Community Participation

Download the meetings posters

Download the online survey results from October 2018

Public Meeting 10/16/2018

Public Meeting 12/4/2018

Public Meeting 2/28/2019