Maintenance Work Reports

Seattle Parks and Recreation recently hired over 50 new park maintenance staff to help address the maintenance backlog in our system. Staff are focusing on mowing, cleaning bathrooms, removing graffiti, and garbage/litter removal at park sites across the city, and are also giving extra attention to the many parks used for summer events. Here's a snapshot of what's been happening.

Week of September 5-11:

92 hours of mowing

During this time period, maintenance crew spent 92 hours mowing across the park system.

510 hours cleaning restrooms

During this time period, maintenance staff spent 510 hours cleaning restrooms (comfort stations) across the park system.

146 hours of graffiti removal

During this time period, 146 hours were spent removing graffiti

80 tons of trash removed

During this time period's maintenance surge, 80 tons of trash were removed.

     Graphic with icons of park work tasks and text that reads "Maintenance Work July 18-24. 470 hours of mowing, 606 hours comfort station cleaning, 200 hours graffiti removal, 85.58 tons of trash removed.