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Magnolia Community Center


  • Gym
  • Kitchen
  • Basketball Court
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Playground
  • Art Studio
  • Wifi
  • Childcare
  • Preschool
  • Teen Programs
  • Indoor Toddler Playtime
  • Before School Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Drop in Programs
  • Lifelong Recreation


Magnolia Community Center is temporarily closed for construction.

Please find updates on construction and schedule at Magnolia Community Center Stabilization - Parks |

See below for Magnolia Community Center programming updates: 

Disovery Park

  • Bridge Program
  • Yoga Program
  • Additional assets in the way of staffing for preschool have also been relocated to Discovery Park to support families that may have moved over.

After-school childcare ( “Ton of Fun” ) is being offered at Blaine Elementary. In partnership with Seattle Public Schools, 3 portables were secured to not disrupt families who attend childcare on site. Childcare and additional preschool offerings are also available at Queen Anne CC and surrounding centers.

Queen Anne CC:

  • Pottery/ Ceramics Classes - Instructors have also moved to Queen Anne CC.
  • Taekwondo Program
  • Life-Long Recreation Aerobics 
  • Magnolia Teen and Sports support staff, Rashaan, is working out of QACC to support teens and sports next-door to the largest middle school in the area

This past basketball season we continued to offer cub basketball on site at Blaine elementary and ran a hybrid Magnolia/ Queen Anne basketball program for the 10 and up players with a support of Magnolia and Queen Anne Staff. Magnolia teams were supported by Magnolia staff working out of Queen Anne CC to help with continuity. We did not see any drop-off in participation. As for track and field; it has historically been a partnership between Magnolia and Queen Anne CC due to the field space. This season will be no different, Magnolia and Queen Anne CC staff will be available to keep track and field running.

Loyal Heights CC:

  • Youth Gymnastics Program

Pickleball is being offered at nearly every center in the city as well as a number of outdoor spaces available.

Overall, intentional effort was made to get programs in proximity of Magnolia CC as well as keep as many city and ARC staff as we could in play in the Magnolia area and at sites where programming is relocated. With programming and support staff relocated, we don’t have the ability to expand programming that is not housed within one of our neighboring centers, nor have the ability operate satellite sites.

Magnolia Community Center is located on the Magnolia Playfield at the west edge of Magnolia village. The playfield can accommodate football, soccer, softball and/or baseball, and also features two play areas and four tennis courts.

Built in 1952, the multi-story center has classic charm and is connected to Catherine Blaine Elementary K-8 School. The community center and school was the first construction project that was jointly built by Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle Public Schools. The entrance has a lobby with a nice sitting area overlooking the gym, and is lit by natural light coming through the atrium ceiling. The main level has two multipurpose rooms, a pottery room, two rooms designed for youth programming and a pottery room.

Magnolia has a year-round preschool program and, during the school year, a school-age care program that is filled to capacity. Teen programs and teen camps are also popular. Magnolia Community Center hosts four seasonal events: Spring Egg Hunt, Magnolia Summer Fest, Lil Spooky Halloween Carnival for Toddlers and the annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party. Senior programs are also well attended.

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