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One of Seattle's stunning viewpoints, Emma Schmitz Overlook is a great place to stroll, jog, or sit and gaze across the water at the Olympic Mountains.

Current Project

Emma Schmitz Seawall Replacement

The Army Corp of Engineers has finalized their seawall project. Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) has installed a new irrigation system and hydroseeded the lawn with a salt-tolerant lawn meadow seed mix in September 2021. For questions about the SPR portion of this project please call Shannon Glass, (206) 733-9319.

For more information about the Army Corp portion of this project please visit:

The Seattle District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded the construction contract to Redside Construction based in Bainbridge Island, Washington to replace an existing seawall in West Seattle. They will be mobilizing on site in mid-June 2020. Thank you to everyone who participated in the June and July 2020 online meetings.

View the online meetings informational poster here.

For questions about the project please contact the Army Corps of Engineers  
at (206) 764-3750 or email alkiseawall@usace.army.mil.

Seattle Parks and Recreation has a signed agreement with Army Corps of Engineers for the replacement of an approximate 450' length of deteriorated seawall at the south end of Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook. The seawall is located at Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook, 4503 Beach Dr. SW, Seattle, WA 98116. The new seawall will be a "soldier pile" design, built a few feet seaward and a few feet higher than the existing seawall, and equipped with safety handrails that the current seawall lacks. This design will minimize the impact on the beach, address rising seawater concerns, and create better contours for the restoration landscaping on the landward portion of the overlook area. We anticipate construction in mid-2020.

The Army Corps of Engineers Plans for the Emma Schmitz Seawall Project are posted. The design shows the layout and construction of the new seawall waterward of the existing wall, the alignment of a new concrete path along the top of the wall, benches, seating, guardrail, and the restoration of the Emma Schmitz Overlook Park.

One goal of the new seawall is to protect a sewer line/pipe that is part of the King County system. More information is available here:
King County's regional wastewater conveyance and treatment system

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House for the seawall project on July 16, 2019.
View the Open House poster here.

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