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Play Area Drinking fountains


Go three blocks east from the southeast corner of Rodgers Park to find this street-end knoll, cleverly converted into a tiny park. It has a central play area, with a drinking fountain and benches conveniently placed so you can watch your children climb, slide and crawl. (Excerpt from "Enjoying Seattle's Parks" by Brandt Morgan)

The flat ravine bottom just below the viewpoint was the site of the early-day "Killman's Sand Bunkers". The area was platted in 1907 by the Mayfair Land Co. Mayfair is a fashionable district in London, so named from an annual fair held in May, which was actually abolished in 1708. (Edited from the files of Don Sherwood, 1916-1981, Park Historian.)

Mayfair Park Retaining Wall and Stair Replacement Project

Early 2023 Update:
Seattle Parks and Recreation has completed the design for the improvements of this park. The bid for construction will be advertised after the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections (SDCI) approves the permit.

We anticipate construction starting fall 2023, pending SDCI permit approval. The project will replace the existing timber retaining walls, wood stairs and wooden light pole/standards that have all reached the end of their usefulness. The project requires some paving repair and removal of a few trees that are either hazardous or need to be removed to accommodate the wall replacement.

Sample boring took place in May 2020, this was required to determine the best engineering solution for the retaining walls:
   •  Boring locations indicated with dots, in the attached PDF document with photos

The Seattle Parks District provides $1,100,000 in funding for the planning, design and construction.

Thank you to everyone who attended our public meeting/Open House on August 14, 2019. Seattle Parks and Recreation met with community members at Mayfair Park to present a concept drawing for the upcoming park improvements.
View the presented concept drawing here.
View the event poster for the completed August 14 Open House

For additional information contact:
Jacobo Jimenez at or (206) 684-0598

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