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Please join us on May 11 from 12-2 p.m. at the park for a ribbon cutting celebration!

In December 2008, SPR purchased the 8,722 square foot site at Westlake and Lenora and redeveloped the Enterprise Car Rental site into parkland, serving the downtown businesses and residences. The design includes an open lawn, seating edge, lighting, ADA access, places for vendors, landscaping, other park elements and a new central custom play structure that references historical structures in this neighborhood. The play structure is the final element of the park and will be installed in mid-January, with anticipated completion in mid-March. The park opened in 2019 and has a nice gathering space for the populated South Lake Union urban environment.

Commissioned with funding from Seattle Parks and Recreation 1% for Art funds, Janet Zweig created the public artwork Escape Destinations for the park. The sculpture was installed in late August. Administered by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, the artwork consists of two signs that employ a bus-blind device to scroll through lighted names of fictional destinations from literature, games, film and comics. The artist’s process of collecting and editing the names was a long one in which she developed extensive lists that were winnowed down to two hundred names: one hundred from children's sources and one hundred from adult sources; these will be displayed on the two signs respectively. The signs will rename the park every day, often with a recognizable name or an unrecognizable mysterious name. It is the intention that after recognizing some of the names, people will research the ones they don't know and find something new to read or explore.

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