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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Seattle Parks and Recreation 2022-2023 Scholarship Program

Thanks to the Seattle Park District, Seattle Parks and Recreation has scholarships available to individuals and families for our programs and activities. Scholarships are based on income and family size, and are available to anyone who qualifies, including seniors and people with disabilities. Scholarships help make our programs and activities more accessible to the community and can provide discounts at any Seattle Parks and Recreation facility or program, including classes, swimming, enrichment programs, Life-Long Recreation (aged 50+), Special Population programs, Environmental Learning Center programs, school-age child care for before and after school, and much more!

Read the Income Eligibility Guidelines 

How to Apply 

Complete these steps:

1. Read these"How to Complete a Scholarship Application and School-age Care Policies and Guidelines":

  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
    • 鼓勵所有人士(無論是公民還是移民者)申請獎學金。如果您無法根據公認的文檔 列表提供收入證明,則西雅圖市園林和康樂局 (Seattle Parks and Recreation) 將與您一起探索其他方法來證明您的收入。
  • Somali
    • Dhamaan dadka, iyada oo aan loo eegeynin dhalashada iyo xaaladda soo geleytiga, waxaa lagu dhiirigelinayaa inay dalbadaan deeqaha waxbarashada. Hadii aanad xaqiijin karin dakhliga taas oo ku salaysan liiska waraaqaha la oggol yahay, Seattle Parks and Recreation waxay kaala shaqayn doontaa sidii loo heli lahaa qaabab kale oo aad u xaqiijin karto dakhligaaga.
  • Spanish
    • Se invita a todas las personas, independientemente de su ciudadanía y condición migratoria, a solicitar becas. Si no puede presentar la verificación de ingresos tal como se indica en la lista de documentos aceptadosa, el departamento de Parques y Recreación de Seattle (Seattle Parks and Recreation) trabajará con usted para analizar otras formas de verificar los ingresos.
  • Vietnamese
    • Tất cả mọi người, bất kể tình trạng nhập cư và quốc tịch, đều được khuyến khích ghi danh nhận học bổng. Nếu quý vị không thể cung cấp giấy tờ xác minh thu nhập theo danh sách các loại giấy tờ được chấp nhận, Sở Phụ Trách Công Viên và Hoạt Động Giải Trí Seattle (Seattle Parks and Recreation) sẽ phối hợp với quý vị để tìm ra các cách khách để xác minh thu nhập.
  • Amharic  
  • Oromo   
  • Tagalog   
  • Tigrinya

2. Then, print the 2022-23 application form and fill out completely

3. Gather required income and household size (proof of dependents) documentation. Page one and two of your 2021 IRS 1040 form is the preferred income document. 

4. Submit your application and documents one of three ways (black out all social security numbers and bank routing numbers before submitting):

  • Preferred method:email your completed application forms and supporting documents to (printable photo attachments or scanned documents are accepted at this time).
  • Or mail to:

Seattle Parks and Recreation-Westbridge
Attention: OST/Scholarship Office Box #25
4209 W. Marginal Way SW, Seattle, WA  98106 

  • Or drop your application and supporting documents to a staff person at one of our facilities.

Income and dependency documentation are required; Approval can take up to several weeks. To confirm approval call your Seattle Parks and Recreation facility or email Scholarship qualification level begins on the date the application is processed/approved. There are no retroactive scholarships for previous registrations.

An individual or family only need apply one time for the 12-month scholarship cycle, June 2022-June 2023. Once qualified, scholarship eligibility is good at any Seattle Parks and Recreation facility or program while funds are available. Eligibility does not guarantee fund availability.

Click here to download a scholarship drop notice.

Seattle Parks and Recreation's Scholarship Program is made possible by funding from the Seattle Park District. Approved by voters in 2014, the Seattle Park District provides more than $47 million a year in long-term funding for Seattle Parks and Recreation, including maintenance of parklands and facilities, operation of community centers and recreation programs, and development of new neighborhood parks on previously-acquired sites.  

Have questions or need assistance? Please call a Seattle Parks and Recreation facility or email