Apply for a Commercial Use Permit

Commercial activity in a City of Seattle parks requires a permit or contract.  Permits are issued for commercial activity that aligns with Seattle Parks and Recreation's mission to promote healthy people, a healthy environment, and strong communities. 

Commercial Use Permit

If you are an individual, group, or organization and you conduct organized recreational activities on city parkland, you are required to obtain a park permit. Seattle Parks issues Commercial Use Permits for the following:  

  • Fitness classes (including, but not limited to boot camps yoga, running classes, parkour)
  • Recreational activities (marine education, photography classes, organized school activities such as recess or PE, laser tag or pop-up picnics etc.)
  • Nature education including wilderness training classes

Your business may not transact or collect money on park property and is limited to ten (10) hours per week of operation.  Attendance is limited to 35 participants.  

Applying for a Commercial Use Permit   

Please review the FAQ before submitting your application:   Commercial Use Permit FAQ  

Commercial Use Permit Application (download PDF) 

With your application, you will need to submit:  

  • Insurance coverage that meets the City of Seattle requirements. Please review the Insurance Requirements document
  • A copy of your City of Seattle business license  
  • A Site Plan.  Please visit this link for blank park maps that may help in submitting your application map. This is not a conclusive list and maps can be created in other formats.

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