Athletic Field Drop-In Program

What is the Athletic Field Drop-In Program?

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is offering a pilot program that provides community members (households or groups of 5 and under) with the opportunity to drop-in for free at designated athletic fields to play unscheduled games with their friends and family. Normally, field use requires a paid reservation, but SPR has dedicated a number of athletic fields for open community drop-in.

For this pilot to be successful, it is important that organized user groups understand that the allocated dates at these fields are for drop-in use only. If organized teams violate this rule by coordinating use during the drop-in times, SPR will issue a verbal and/or written warning. Repeated violations may result in the organization being placed last in line for priority use on fields.

  • No Games Or Scrimmages
  • No Organized Team Sports
  • Masks Required For Drop-In Play  
  • Fields Must Be Shared, No Exclusive Use During Drop-in Time
  • Report Violators: (206) 684-7204

Remember to follow current COVID guidelines. Play is limited to members of the same household, or groups of five and under. 

Please contact Chris Powell, Interim Manager of Athletic Scheduling, (206) 684-7204

Schedule and locations for drop-in fields  

The fields are:

Bobby Morris Playfield Brighton Playfield
Delridge North Playfield Hiawatha Playfield
Genesee Upper Playfield Georgetown Playfield
Lower Woodland Playfield #2 Magnuson Playfield #5
Miller Playfield Walt Hundley Playfield
Washington Park Playfield  

Click on a star on the map for more information about the field. (Scroll down in the result window that pops up.)