1.075 - Failure to Complete Required Training

Effective Date: 08/01/2015


1. Section Commanders and Civilian Managers are Responsible to Ensure that Each Employee in Their Section Completes All Required Training in a Timely Manner

Immediate supervisors shall register each employee under their supervision for all required training courses. Failure to do this will be investigated by the supervisor’s chain of command.

Exception: When a supervisor’s failure to register employees for training is repeated and/or results in the employees missing the opportunity to attend training, the section commander or civilian manager shall refer the incident to OPA.

After employees are initially registered, their immediate supervisor shall manage any necessary rescheduling.

2. Employees Shall Promptly Notify Their Immediate Supervisor and the Education & Training Section When and Why They Are Unable to Attend a Required Training for Which They are Registered

When an employee determines that he or she will not be able to attend required training for which the employee is registered, the employee must, as soon as practicable, make a reasonable attempt to notify his or her immediate supervisor and the Education & Training Section administrative assistant at SPD.Training@seattle.gov.  The employee must provide the reason for not being able to attend training.

3. Education & Training Section Shall Promptly Facilitate the Notification of Each Employee’s Immediate Supervisor and Section Commander or Civilian Manager of Failure to Attend or Complete Training

The learning management system electronically notifies an employee’s immediate supervisor when the employee fails to attend required training, or attends required training but fails to complete it.

Supervisors shall refer incidents of an employee attending but failing to complete required training within the required timeframe to OPA.

4. Immediate Supervisors Shall Conduct a Timely Review of Their Subordinates’ Failure to Attend a Required Training for Which They are Registered

The immediate supervisor shall speak with the employee to discuss the circumstances behind the failure to attend required training. The immediate supervisor shall determine whether the failure to attend required training is justified, shall document that determination and the reasoning behind that determination in the employee’s PAS, and shall reschedule the employee for training within the available sessions remaining.  

Supervisors shall refer the incident to OPA in the following circumstances:

- the employee’s absence is unjustified

-  the employee unjustifiably fails to provide reasonable advance notice that he or she will not attend a scheduled training

Additionally, supervisors have discretion to refer incidents to OPA when the employee’s history of justified absences indicates a lack of commitment to meet his or her obligation to attend required training.