1.080 - Inspection and Audits

Effective Date: 08/21/2013


This policy outlines the authority and responsibilities for conducting audits and inspections, and responsibilities for cooperation with the audit and inspection function.

1. The Compliance Section Shall Conduct Specific Department Audits

Audits are conducted consistent with the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) applicable to the subject, as published by the Government Accountability Office.

Audit: The process of examining a process or program from beginning to end by an independent person or body

The Compliance Section Captain has sole authority to initiate audits and inspections.

Exception: Line inspections shall be handled by precinct section captains.

All Department captains may request audits of their precinct/section through the Compliance Section Captain.

2. The Compliance Section Shall Have Full and Unrestricted Access to All Department Functions, Records, Property and Personnel

Department units shall respond to all requests from the Compliance Section within the time frame indicated.  If the deadline can not be met, a response explaining why and when the request will be met is required.

3. The Compliance Section Shall Publish a Report at the Conclusion of the Audit/Inspection

The report shall include all findings and may provide recommendations for corrective action, as needed.

The report shall be forwarded directly to the precinct/section captain for review and comment prior to final distribution.

4. The Compliance Section Captain Shall Order Follow-Up Audits as Needed

The Compliance Section shall notify the precinct/section captain that a follow-up audit will occur upon publication of the initial audit report.

The Compliance Section Captain shall establish a timeline and provide guidelines at least ten days prior to the follow-up audit to the precinct/section captain.

5. Captains Will Complete at Least Two Annual Line Inspections of Personnel and Equipment Within Their Command

An inspection is a process of examining an item or a number of items.  Line inspections shall be conducted by a sergeant or direct supervisor.

6. Each Officer Within a Precinct/Section Shall be Subject to at Least Two Line Inspections

Informal inspections shall be conducted while on-duty and may include roll-call inspections of uniforms and equipment.

Formal inspections are conducted like informal inspections but require a written report to command personnel.  Reports shall detail the finding of the inspection and document actions taken.

The precinct/section captain or lieutenant shall document the results of the inspection.  The record will be retained at the precinct/section level for one year according to the Washington State Retention Schedule (LEO-01-39).