1.100 - Ticket Audits

Effective Date: 01/16/2013


This policy applies when the Compliance Section initiates monthly ticket audits per RCW 46.64.010.

1. APR Shall Audit Tickets from Each Precinct and the Traffic Section Twice a Year

Each of the five precincts and traffic will be audited twice a year.

2. Watch Lieutenants Shall Conduct Ticket Inspections Monthly -See 1.100-PRO-1 Unit Ticket Inspections)

Watch Lieutenants shall record the results of the inspection on an SPD memorandum.

The memorandum shall be reviewed by the precinct/section captain and retained at the precinct for the current plus previous year.

3. Precinct/Section Captains Shall Perform Unit Ticket Inspections

Twice a year, at least 120 days apart, the precinct/section captain shall inspect the unit ticket procedures to include:

  • Accuracy of the Ticket Book Register
  • Security of the precinct LEA copy storage file.
  • Completion and retention of watch lieutenant inspection memorandums.

The precinct/section captain shall complete an SPD memorandum documenting these inspections and retain with the watch lieutenant inspection memorandums.

1.100-PRO-1 Unit Ticket Inspections

Watch Lieutenant

1. Selects two officers under their command.

2. Checks first 10 tickets of one criminal citation and one notice of infraction book currently issued to the officers.

3. Collects memorandums of explanation for any missing ticket LEA copies.

4. Drafts an SPD memorandum documenting the results of the inspection.

5. Submits the memo to the precinct/section captain.

Precinct/Section Captain

6. Collects all memorandums monthly from each Watch Lieutenant.

7. Retains memorandums in a centralized location.