1.120 - Performance Review Entities and Processes

Effective Date:  02/01/2016

This policy pertains to the approval of the Department’s performance review entities and processes.  For information about specific entities and processes, please see Manual Sections:

2.020 – Appointments & Probation,

2.070 – Performance Evaluation,

3.070 – Early Intervention System,

8.400 – Use-of-Force Reporting & Investigation,

8.500 – Reviewing Use-of-Force,

13.010 – Collisions Involving Department Vehicles,

13.015 – Collision Review Board,

13.031 – Vehicle Eluding/Pursuits, and

16.100 – Patrol Training & Publications.


1. The Chief of Police Must Approve any Department Board, Unit or Process Created to Review Performance

The procedures of any Department board, unit or process created to review performance must be approved by the Chief of Police and set forth in the Seattle Police Manual or an appropriate unit manual.