12.060 - Department Forms Control

Effective Date: 04/01/18


This policy applies to the creation, approval, and revision of department forms.

1. Employees May Request the Creation of a New Form or the Revision of a Current Form

Any department employee can request creation, revision, or discontinuance of a department form

See 12.060-PRO-1 Forms Requests

2. The Audit, Policy and Research Section (APRS) Captain Directs Forms Control

The APRS Captain will direct APRS staff to:

- Create or revise forms as needed by Department personnel

- Maintain the SPD Word template folder that allows employees to access Department forms through the Word program. 

- APRS will not maintain or control templates that are deployed through RMS

- Work with the Quartermaster Unit and approved vendors for the print production of forms

- Coordinate forms requests from Department employees

- Maintain an archive of Department forms

12.060-PRO-1 Forms Requests


1. Identifies the need for a new form, form revision or form deletion and sends an email to APRS.

Policy Sergeant

2. Reviews the form request email and determines if the request is acted upon. 

3. Notifies the requesting employee.

4. Assigns the form project if deemed necessary.

Policy Detective

5. Follows internal project procedures.