13.050 - Policing by Mountain Bike

Effective Date: 02/01/2016

This policy pertains to use of mountain bicycles by Seattle Police officers.  For information about the use of a bicycle as a force tool, please see Manual Section 8.300-Use of Force Tools-POL-5.

13.050-POL-1 Training & Equipment

1. Bicycle Officers Must Complete Basic Mountain Bicycle Patrol Training

Precinct captains will ensure that officers assigned to a bicycle squad keep their skills current with on-going in-service training, and may designate training days to work on specific skills.

The Education & Training Section maintains a list of officers qualified and trained to ride a police mountain bicycle.

2. Officers Must Maintain the Physical Fitness Level Required for Bicycle Squad Assignment

3. Each Bicycle Officer Will Be Equipped With Department-Approved Cycling Clothing and Gear

- Cycling helmet, gloves, shoes, and shorts (See the Uniform Reference Catalog)

- Safety glasses

- Raingear

- Regular duty gear required for uniformed patrol

- Whistle

4. Police Bicycles Will Be Equipped Based on the Generally-Accepted Standards for Police Bicycles

The bicycles used by the Department will comply with SMC 11.44.160, Lamps and Reflectors on Bicycles.

The precinct captain may approve additional equipment.

5. Officers Will Perform Safety Checks on Their Bicycles Before and After Each Shift

6. Officers That Perform Maintenance and Repairs on Bicycles Must Be Certified Through an Appropriate Bicycle School or Manufacturer

7. Officers Will Transport Bicycles in a Carrier Designed for This Purpose or in Such a Manner as Not to Damage the Bicycle or the Vehicle Transporting the Bicycle

8. Officers Will Report Any Damage to a Bicycle to their Sergeant

13.050-POL-2  Operations

1. Precincts Captains and the Officers Assigned to Bicycle Squads Will Determine When the Use of Bicycle Patrol is Appropriate and Safe

The bicycle patrol will operate year-round. It is at the discretion of the precinct captains and officers to determine if weather conditions make bicycle operation unsafe or impractical.

2. Bicycle Officers Will Not Usually Be Dispatched to Calls, But Will Respond to Calls in Their District When Feasible

3. Officers are Responsible for the Safe Operation of Their Bicycle

Officers will follow all applicable rules of the road, except when necessary to effect a law enforcement purpose (e.g., crowd management, emergency response, etc.) 

Officers will ride with due regard for the safety of all persons under all circumstances.