15.030 - False Reporting / Swatting

Effective Date: 06/01/2021

The Seattle Police Department is dedicated to protecting the community and mitigating the risk of swatting.  Swatting is an element of the crime of false reporting under RCW 9A.84.040.  A person commits false reporting if, with knowledge that the information reported, conveyed or circulated is false, he or she initiates or circulates a false report or warning of an alleged occurrence or impending occurrence knowing that such false report is likely to cause: evacuation of a building, place of assembly or transportation facility; public inconvenience or alarm; or an emergency response.

15.030 - General Policy

1. Officers Will Clear Calls Containing Swatting Elements with the MIR Code 530 – Swatting

2. Officers Will Document Incidents Involving Swatting or Attempted Swatting in a Report.

The report will include:

- A description of the call and circumstances surrounding the 911 response.

- The outcome of the event and investigation, leading the officer to believe swatting occurred.

3. Supervisors Will Verify that Swatting Reports Contain the “Swatting” Flag and Label

The Investigation Support Unit will provide the initial technical investigative support and may re-route the investigation to the appropriate follow-up unit as necessary.