15.320 - Police Action on Military Property

Effective Date: 05/01/19

There are no longer military “reservations” in Seattle, but there are still military properties such as the National Guard Armory and MEPS/Army Corps of Engineers facility. These locations may not have controlled access or a military law enforcement presence.

There could be circumstances where employees may need to take police action on these military properties in the City limits and others nearby. This policy applies when taking such action on military property.

15.320 POL

1. Employees Notify Military Authorities of Police Action on the Property

If the military property has personnel on duty, employees will contact the property supervisor before conducting routine (non-emergency) police business, if practical. Checking in with security personnel would satisfy this requirement.

Exception: This does not apply to activities unrelated to the property but take place in a common area open to the public, such as a traffic stop that happens to come to rest in a public parking lot of the military property.

When taking emergency action on military property, employees will make the notification when practical and safe to do so.

2. Employees Will Notify Military Law Enforcement of Pursuits on Their Property

In addition to the Seattle Police Department’s internal notification requirements, employees pursuing subjects onto military property will notify the military’s law enforcement agency, if one is present.