16.150 - Snow and Ice Plan

Effective Date: 8/4/2003

I. Patrol Officer

A. Responsibilities

1. Respond to chain-up station or alternative stations after notification by Radio of snow/ice emergency.

a. Utilize Charles Street or Haller Lake shops.

(1) Hours 0630 - 0130

b. List of other locations are provided on a yearly directive.

(1) Service stations do not supply the chains for emergency chain-up

(2) Obtain extra chains through the Charles Street and Haller Lake facilities.

2. If an alternative station is used

a. Inform the station providing the service that they will be reimbursed

b. Forward the bill for service to the Sector Sergeant.

3. In the event that a snow/ice emergency onset prevents officers from arriving at a pre-designated service station, a local tow or chain service will respond to the precinct.

4. Monitor vehicle closely while using chains to minimize chain damage caused by broken links.

a. A vehicle with chains requires more distance to stop.

b. Slower speeds are required to maintain the directional stability of the vehicle.

c. Do not continue to drive the vehicle with a chain malfunction.

d. Vehicles with chains should not be driven into precinct sally ports or in-door garages.

5. Remove the chains at the conclusion of the snow/ice emergency and return to storage.

a. Equipment and Facilities Coordinator will take inventory and repair any damaged chains for future use.

II. Patrol Sergeant

A. Responsibilities

1. Monitor the assignment of vehicles to either the City facilities or the pre-arranged service stations to minimize any long line-ups.

2. Forward these items to the Watch Lieutenant

a. Purchase and Supply form

b. Original charge slips.