16.180 - Patrol Operations Order

Effective Date:04/25/2019

I. Procedure

A. All extraordinary events requiring special patrol intervention and control where there is sufficient time for planning, will be planned and staffed utilizing a sequentially numbered Patrol Operations Order form obtained from the Operations and Planning Section.

B. All Operations Orders will comply with the approved six Paragraph format:

1. Patrol Special Operation Order


a. Mission: (what is to be accomplished)

b. Situation: (The “why” of the mission and those factors bearing on the mission).

c. Concept of Operations: (operations plan and instructions on directives and policy to accomplish the mission, how and where)

d. Command Control: (who is in charge? list chain of command).

e. Task Organization: (units serials, names, sub-units of forces utilized and reporting of post time)

f. Coordinating Instructions: (include names of key contact persons).

(1) Radio Frequency

(2) Signal (if extra radios need, where obtained)

(3) Meals in the field (if applicable)

(4) Transportation (if extra vehicles are needed- where obtained)

(5) Special equipment to be utilized (location and issuance procedures)

(6) Applicable laws and ordinances and governing enforcement.


Precinct Captain


Patrol Operations Bureau Chief

(7) In the event that time precludes the preparation of a Special Event Patrol Operations Order, submit an After Action Report.

2. Distribute copies of the completed order in a timely manner.

3. Distribution list.

a. Special Operations Bureau Chief & Patrol Operations Bureau Chief.

b. Participating unit Captains, Lieutenants and Sergeants.

4. Submit event critique/after action reports using the same format to the Special Operations Bureau Chief & Patrol Operations Bureau Chief upon conclusion of the operations for critique and budget purposes

5. Forward special event to Operations & Planning Section upon termination of the event.