16.240 - Mutual Assistance

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


The Seattle Police Department will assist the Washington State Patrol in the screening, investigating, and processing incidents when requested. When other agencies provide enforcement assistance to the Department, Department personnel will assume primary investigative responsibility.

I. Non-Traffic Felonies

A. In order to ensure uniformity in an investigation and to expedite the processing of a suspect, assigned Seattle Police personnel will complete any required reports.

B. Washington State Patrol personnel will work under the direction of a Seattle Police sergeant or above (either on the scene or in the police precinct) while a felony arrest is processed.

C. It will be the responsibility of the SPD sergeant or above to ensure that the processing of the arrest and reports are completed expeditiously, in order to return the State Trooper(s) to their duties without undue delay.

D. The State Trooper will be provided with the Number. Records will provide copies of relevant reports to the Washington State Patrol.

II. Other Enforcement Assistance

A. As a result of an interpretation of the State Attorney General, the Washington State Patrol cannot issue citations or make arrests for municipal offenses.

B. Circumstances in the future may again require cooperative enforcement efforts.

1. Whenever the Washington State Patrol, or another outside agency, provides enforcement assistance to the Department, any citations issued for municipal offenses shall be completed by Seattle Police Officers. The outside agency officer shall be listed as a witness.