2.060 - Grievances

Effective Date: 5/20/2004


All employees shall be treated fairly in matters arising from their employment, and they shall have the opportunity to be heard fully any time they believe they have been treated unfairly. Formal grievance procedures usually evolve from informal attempts to resolve differences between employees and the Department. The grievance procedures shall be defined in collective bargaining agreements, Civil Service Rules, and City of Seattle Personnel Rules.

I. Represented Employees

A. Employees who are members of a bargaining unit having a labor agreement with the City shall process their grievances according to the applicable grievance procedure provided by their agreement or Civil Service Rules.

II. Non-Represented Employees

A. Non-represented Department employees shall process their grievances according to the grievance procedure provided by City of Seattle Personnel Rules, Chapter V, section 8.

III. Maintenance, Control, and Analysis of Grievance Records

A. The Director of Human Resources shall be responsible for the maintenance and control of grievance records.

B. The Legal Advisor, with assistance from the bargaining unit liaisons, shall make an annual analysis of grievances. The Legal Advisor shall forward the report to the Chief of Police.