4.000 - Employee Move Tracking System (EMT)

Effective Date: 04-01-15


This policy applies to all employees transferring assignments, going on leave, rotation status as a probationary student or separating from the Department.

1. Sworn Lieutenants and Authorized Administrative Specialists Will Request Employee Transfers through the EMT

Lieutenants may assign administrative specialists to initiate the EMT requests.

The lieutenant or assigned administrative specialist will document approved transfer requests in the EMT prior to the execution of the transfer.

See: 4.000-PRO-1 Employee Initiating a Transfer Request

2. Employees Must Submit Requests 2 weeks prior to the Scheduled Start Date in the Receiving Unit

Employee transfers will not occur until the EMT request is finalized by Human Resources. 

Exception: Prior approval of the Human Resource command is required for transfers that occur prior to the finalization of the transfer in the EMT.

3. The Employee’s Chain of Command Reviews Employee Transfer Requests

The chain of command through the rank of Assistant Chief will review all requests for employee transfer requests outside of the requesting employee’s current bureau.  The chain of command through the rank of Captain will review all requests for employee transfer requests inside the requesting employee’s current bureau.

4. The Human Resources Section Uses EMT for the Following Requests

4.040-PRO-1 Employee Going on Extended Sick Leave

4.040-PRO-2 Employee Returning from Extended Sick Leave

4.070-PRO-1 Employee Requesting a Limited-Duty Assignment

4.070-PRO-2 Employee Returning From a Limited-Duty Assignment

4.000-PRO-1 Employee Initiating a Transfer Request


1. Submits a memo to their lieutenant/manager through their chain of command.

Lieutenant/Manager (Either from the employee’s current unit or receiving unit)

2. Directs administrative personnel to work with receiving unit on transfer initiation.

Note: Both the current unit and/or the receiving unit may initiate an EMT request.

Human Resources

3. Approves the transfer after the current unit of assignment’s chain of command approves the transfer and again after the receiving unit’s chain of command approves the transfer.

Receiving Lieutenant/Manager

4. Completes (or directs administrative personnel to complete) the transfer request in the EMT. 

Note: The receiving unit must update watch, shift and court codes.

Human Resources

5. Approves and finalizes the transfer request and notifies all commands involved and the employee by email.