4.110 - Sick Leave Donation

Effective Date: 9/18/2013


This policy applies to employees who want to donate sick leave or receive donated sick leave.

1. Employees May Donate Sick leave and Receive Donated Sick leave as Described in City Personnel Rule 7.7 – Sick Leave and Sick Leave Transfer

Employees may receive up to 560 hours of donated sick leave for each incident.

2. Eligible Employees May Receive Donated Sick Leave

Employees will use donated sick time only for their own illness or injury.

An employee is eligible to receive donated sick leave when they:

See 4.110-PRO-1 Requesting Donation for Sick leave

3. Eligible Employees May Donate Sick Leave

Employees may donate sick leave if:

  • They can donate a minimum of eight hours, and
  • They will maintain a minimum sick leave balance of 240 hours after the donation.

An employee separating from the Department may donate sick leave if:

  • They will maintain a minimum sick leave balance of 240 hours after the donation, and
  • The donated time does not exceed the actual time the employee could use before separation.

Eligible employees may send a completed Application to Donate Sick Leave (form 20.6) to the Human Resources Section, Payroll Supervisor.

4. Excess Donated Sick Leave is Returned to the Donor

The Payroll Unit will coordinate the return of unused donated sick leave to the donor.

4.110-PRO-1 Requesting Donation for Sick Leave


1. Completes an Application to Receive Sick Leave (form 20.5) and a Washington State Insurer Activity Prescription Form (APF).

2. Sends the completed forms to the Human Resource Section Payroll Supervisor.

Payroll Supervisor

3. Reviews and submits the request to the Human Resources Director.

Human Resources Director

4. Certifies the donated sick leave request and then notifies the employee’s sergeant/supervisor.

5. If requested by the employee, posts a request for donated sick leave in the Notices.