4.130 - Military Leave

Effective Date: 01/01/2017


This policy applies to employees fulfilling a military obligation.

1. Employees May Refer to City Personnel Rule 7.9—Military Leave and RCW 38.40.060 For Definitions and Application

Employees serving in the National Guard or military reserve of the United States are granted paid military leave of absence for up to 21 work days each federal fiscal year (October 1st through September 30th) to report for required military duty.

Employees may take unpaid military leave or paid discretionary time if their military service goes beyond 21 work days.

See 4.130-PRO-1 Requesting Military Leave

2. A Bureau Chief Approves Employee Military Leave That Exceeds 21 Work Days in a Federal Fiscal Year

Employees requesting unpaid military leave will submit a “Leave Request”.

The employee will complete the Department request before the publication of their military orders.

4.130-PRO-1 Requesting Military Leave


1a. Completes a “Leave Request” for up to 21 days of paid military leave.

- For unpaid leave beyond 21 days of paid leave proceeds to 1b.

1b. Completes an Employee Request for Leave of Absence (form 2.9) for unpaid military leave.

2. Attaches a copy of military orders or written verification of assigned drill days.

3. Submits a Leave Request or Employee Request for Leave of Absence (form 2.9) to the Bureau Chief through their chain of command.

4. Emails a copy of the request to the Human Resources Director.

5. Contacts the Benefits Supervisor in Human Resources regarding possible military wage supplement pay.

Benefits Supervisor

6. Notifies the employee in writing of the Department’s decision regarding the unpaid military leave request.

7. Updates PEDS if the military leave lasts over two weeks.


8. Notifies the Benefits Supervisor when unpaid military leave over two weeks is ending.

Employment Services Lieutenant

9. Authorizes the employee to return to duty when the employee’s military leave ends.

10. Temporarily assigns the employee returning from extended absence to the Education and Training Section.

11. Directs Benefits Supervisor to update PEDS when the military leave ends.