4.140 - Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Leave

Effective Date: 9/18/2013


This policy applies to employees with a military spouse or state registered domestic partner.

1. Employees With a Military Spouse or State Registered Domestic Partner Deployed or Called Up to Active Duty May Use the Military Family Leave Act

Also see:

Washington State Military Family Leave Act -RCW 49.77

Employees with a spouse or state registered domestic partner who is a U.S. military member may take up to 15 days of unpaid leave each deployment when the military member is deployed or called up to active duty.  

Employees may elect to substitute any accrued leave for any part of the unpaid leave.

Employees may split the 15 days of unpaid leave between the time prior to the deployment and then during the deployment. 

Employees will not exceed 15 days per deployment.

4.140-PRO-1 Requesting Leave Under the Military Family Leave Act


1a. If requesting paid leave using accumulated time, completes a Request for Authorized Absence (form 2.23).


1b.If requesting 15 days of unpaid military family leave, completes an Employee Request for Leave of Absence (form 2.9).


1c. Completes the Certification of Military Exigency form.

If applicable, writes the registration number for Washington state registered domestic partnership on the form.

2. Attaches a copy of military orders.

3. Submits Request for Authorized Absence (form 2.23) or the Employee Request for Leave of Absence (form 2.9) to their Bureau Chief through their chain of command.

4. Sends a copy to the Benefits Supervisor

Benefits Supervisor

5. Notifies the employee in writing of the Department’s decision regarding paid and unpaid leave.

6. Updates PEDS if the military leave lasts over two weeks.

7. Updates PEDS when the military family leave ends.