4.150 - Bereavement Leave

Effective Date: 08/01/21

This policy applies to all department employees requesting bereavement leave.

The intention of this policy is to implement Personnel Rule 7.8.

For part-time employees, leave amounts outlined in the policy are pro-rated.


1. Definitions

For the purposes of this policy, these terms have the meanings reflected in Personnel Rule 7.8.

- Bereavement leave: Time off without loss of pay or reduction of any accrued paid leave in the event of the death of a close relative.

Possible uses of bereavement leave include, but are not limited to, attending a funeral or memorial service, tending to the family member’s estate, or grieving the loss of the family member.

- Close relative: The employee's spouse/domestic partner, or the child, parent, sibling, grandparent or grandchild of the employee or the employee's spouse/domestic partner, or legal guardian, ward or any person over whom the employee or employee’s spouse/domestic partner has legal custody.

- Relative other than a close relative: The following relatives of the employee or the employee’s spouse/domestic partner: cousin, parent’s sibling, parent’s sibling’s child, spouse or domestic partner of a sibling, child, or grandchild.

2. The Department Grants up to 40 Hours of Bereavement Leave for a Close Relative

The department will grant up to 40 hours of bereavement leave in the event of the death of a close relative.

- For sworn employees, bereavement leave also covers the death of a relative other than a close relative.

Employees will notify the need to use bereavement leave as soon as practicable if the need is foreseeable.

Employees may take bereavement leave intermittently.

3. The Department May Approve Sick Leave for Bereavement of a Relative Other Than a Close Relative

The department may approve the use of up to 40 hours of sick leave for non-sworn employees in the event of the death of a relative other than a close relative.

4. Employees May Request the Use of Additional Time

The department may approve, for any employee, additional time off for bereavement charged to vacation, personal holidays, compensatory time off, or executive and merit leave. The employee may also request unpaid leave.

5. Employees Must Use Leave Under This Policy Within One Year

Bereavement leave or sick leave used for bereavement purposes must be used within one year of the death of the employee’s qualifying family member. After such time, the ability to use leave in this manner is forfeited.

6. Employees Will Submit a Request and Provide Reasonable Documentation

Employees will submit a bereavement leave request (form 2.91) to request leave under this policy.

A supervisor may complete and submit the form on behalf of the employee.

Supervisors may require employees to provide reasonable documentation to substantiate the need for bereavement leave.

Sections will archive requests submitted by their personnel.