Community Service Officers

Our Mission

"To make Seattle a safer and more equitable city by offering a greater range of community police services to all."

About the CSO Program

The Seattle Police Department's (SPD) Community Service Officer (CSO) Unit is comprised of non-commissioned outreach specialists who are trained and work as liaisons between the community and the SPD. Through outreach, engagement, and ongoing relationships, CSOs will bridge gaps and help individuals access essential resources such as housing, health care, and treatment. It is a collaborative effort involving local police, social service providers and communities intended for non-criminal calls for service, education, public safety, and outreach. CSOs do not carry weapons nor enforce criminal laws. Instead, respond to non-emergent calls for service and perform a variety of public safety-related community service and outreach work that does not require the enforcement authority of a sworn police officer

Meet the Community Service Officers

Supervisor Jennifer – CSO 3

Bio + -

Jennifer joined the Seattle Police department after getting her master's degree in Conflict Resolution at Portland State University. She lived in Portland, Oregon for seven years, where she worked in cargo logistics as a supervisor for a large team of import specialists. In Portland she was also a member of the Portland Peace team, where she volunteered as a peacekeeping presence at protests and marches, providing de-escalation to prevent violence.

Jennifer is also a former federal law enforcement officer. She worked as a Border Patrol Agent in El Paso, Texas. As a female agent, Jennifer saw the value women bring to the law enforcement and their important role in building bridges in the community.

Jennifer is passionate about human connection and peace building, through education and open dialogue. She enjoys black licorice, long walks with her dogs, and collecting rock crystals!

Supervisor Mia – CSO 4

Bio + -

Mia is from Seattle, Washington and is a mother to six amazing children. Before working at SPD, she worked for the Department of Homeland Security as a Transportation Security Officer (TSO) and worked as a Child Protective Service (CPS) Social Worker with the Department of Children, Youth and Family Services. She has also worked for 28 years as a Cosmetologist.

She has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from The University of Phoenix. Since 2011 Mia has been volunteering with Urban Professional Women's Association. UPWA is an organization of professional women who believe it is important to give back to THEIR community through sponsoring and mentoring smaller programs who are paying it forward to make individuals' lives better. Mia's passion is giving back to the community and helping people in need.  Her goal is to make sure people from all backgrounds know that someone cares about them. 

Supervisor Bernadette – CSO 19

Also speaks Tagalog

Bio + -

Bernadette has been with the Seattle Police Department for more than 12 years, working in the Data Center Unit.  She has a bachelor's degree in law and justice and is passionate about helping others.

While she appreciated her work in the Data Center, her new Community Service Officer role is an exciting new chapter in her career of SPD service.  

CSO 26 - David

Supervisor Peter – CSO 29

Bio + -

Peter is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been a resident of Seattle since 2014.

Peter has dedicated his adult life to serving the City of Seattle with a high level of professionalism, compassion, and integrity. From 2015-2022, Peter served as a police officer for the Seattle Police Department where he primarily worked patrol in downtown Seattle. Through his training and practical experiences in the field, Peter developed and honed his skills in crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and de-escalation techniques. Peter also gained extensive experience with primary and follow-up investigations of both felony and misdemeanor crimes ranging from property crimes to serious assaults. Peter is NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) certified in forensic interviews of juvenile victims of sexual abuse.

During his time as a police officer, Peter came to see some of the limitations of the role that hinder the ability to create lasting, positive change in the lives of the citizens of Seattle. In 2022, Peter sought a new way to serve his community. That search brought him to the Community Service Officer program.

Peter believes the CSO unit can create more long-term solutions for the individuals in the city who need the most help. Peter sees his future with the CSO unit as an opportunity to contribute his training, experience, and dedication to a group of like-minded, service focused professionals striving to improve the lives of the people in their community.

CSO Vicki – CSO 10

Bio + -

Vicki is Mexican and an enrolled member of the Tlingit Nation of Angoon, Alaska. She and her husband will celebrate their 25thwedding anniversary in 2022, having raised their children here in Seattle. She earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington in 1997. Vicki is active in the greater American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Seattle community and has been assisting individuals and families experiencing homelessness for nearly three decades. Vicki increased prospective medical doctors' knowledge of AI/AN needs as a program coordinator for the Native American Center of Excellence-Indian Health Pathway with the UW Medical School. Additionally, she worked with the UW School of Law in their Native American Law Center, the Seattle Indian Health Board and in her spare time, she served as a board member for an urban Native program serving students in the Seattle Public Schools. Before joining the Community Service Officers, Vicki has served as a Case Manager for those who are homeless, underserved, and most vulnerable in and around the Seattle area. She hopes to continue supporting those most in need of valuable outreach services.

CSO Cindy – CSO 18

Also speaks Khmer

Bio + -

Cindy was born and raised in Seattle, graduating from Rainier Beach High School. 

Cindy's background in retail and food service led her to union work with SEIU in 2011. She has also worked for organizations representing home care and hospital workers.  Cindy also enlisted in the Navy in 2013 and is still in the reserves.  

Cindy understands how many people are often not aware of the community outreach resources available to them and she is excited to help people connect with programs that will be vital and transformative.

CSO Kevin – CSO 22

Bio + -

Kevin is originally from Fresno, California and moved to Seattle in 2014. 

Kevin's professional background consists of over eight years as a Correctional Officer with Fresno County.  He has also spent over seven years on a middle school campus working as a Student Liaison.  Kevin then attended school and worked as a Respiratory Therapist in an emergency room setting. After a year in Respiratory Therapy, he realized that his passion was working with youth.  Soon after, Kevin began working in behavioral therapy with youth who have emotional and behavioral challenges.  

What he looks forward to the most working as a Community Service Officer, is working closely with the Seattle community and connecting people with services and resources. Kevin looks forward to assisting children in his community and guiding them through challenging circumstances.   

CSO Oliver – CSO 23

Bio + -

Growing up, Oliver always knew he wanted to help people, so he decided to get his bachelor’s in criminal justice from the University of Washington. One major reason Oliver decided to pursue a CJ major was because he was always interested in helping individuals and making changes for them. He always felt his best when striving to create positive changes for his community, and for those struggling and marginalized individuals.

During his undergrad, he started working as a Resident Monitor for a nonprofit organization. Oliver worked directly with unaccompanied boys awaiting immigration proceedings, to help them transition back into community life. Oliver also had the opportunity to work as a Youth Advocate. He particularly focused on providing intensive barrier removals to youths and their families, to increase re-engagement in school which helped improve school performance, to avoid incidents of truancy and justice involvement.

As a CSO, Oliver hopes to be one of those individuals who makes a difference in someone's life because our community deserves service providers that looks like a community member. Someone who will go above and beyond to provide equitable services without any bias. This will help build a stronger community and build trust between people and the police department.

CSO Jeffery – CSO 25

Bio + -

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the people of Seattle as a Community Service Officer. I see this position as a calling towards servant leadership: That is, reaching for an ideal to help others that is bigger than myself. I believe, in both big and small ways, CSO's can offer hope to those who can't find their way through their current struggles, while at the same time, helping our police officers meet and ease the complex demands they face each day. I am a graduate of Washington State University and have a Masters in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University. I have worked with youth in crisis and as a Special Detention Officer at a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility. Additionally, I have interned and participated in hospital chaplaincy within a metropolitan health care facility for seven years.    

CSO 26 - David

CSO David – CSO 26

Bio + -

David is from Sierra Leone, West Africa. David Moved to the US 2011 and moved to Washington state in 2012. David has a master's degree in Auditing and Finance from Sierra Leone. David decided to pursue a career in human services by returning to school, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Public Health with a major in Health Promotion.

David has a passion for helping and promoting human health in his community. With his love for his community, David has worked with different organizations including non-profits. David has experience working with kids as well as adults. David's interest is more geared towards helping vulnerable populations such as the homeless, and people dealing with mental health and substance use disorders.

David has served our lovely community in many roles, such as: an Afterhours Social Worker with DCYF; Residential Counselor with NAVOS-CLIP program; Permanency case manager for foster kids with the YMCA; Behavior Health Specialist working with special needs in the classroom with Hopeful Hands; Behavior health case manager and Mobile Crisis Outreach case manager with the DESC.

Alongside the CSO team, he is looking forward to using his education and experience to connect the community with resources. David is looking forward to helping people in crisis, and make a change in our community.

CSO 26 - David

CSO Dennise – CSO 27

Bio + -

Dennise is a lifelong resident of Seattle – growing up in West Seattle, she is very familiar with the neighborhood and is passionate about serving her community and the greater Seattle area. A University of Washington alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in Health Studies, Dennise espouses strong community engagement and facilitation of access to services across the city. She is always looking for opportunities to grow and learn, and as a native Spanish speaker herself, is personally committed to inclusive language while improving the quality and cultural competence of service delivery. She takes pride in providing the best possible experience for our community, residents, and visitors. During her free time, you can find Dennise entertaining her Goldendoodle, sampling great food around Seattle, and exploring planet Earth.

CSO 28 - Ricky

CSO Ricky – CSO 28

Bio + -

Ricky was born and raised in Seattle and grew up in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. He received his AA at Seattle Central College and then graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Communications and minor in Diversity.  

Before joining the Seattle Police Department, Ricky worked with non-profit organizations in Seattle's Chinatown-ID providing bilingual resources, support, and technical assistance to small business owners. During the pandemic, he played an important role in the CID Business Relief Team, helping with the distribution of direct funds and resources to small businesses in the CID to help them alleviate the impacts of the pandemic. He has also played a supporting role in community clean-ups in the Little Saigon neighborhood. Through his work, Ricky has built strong relationships with many community members and is a trusted community liaison. 

In his new role, Ricky hopes to provide the same level of support and care to community members across all neighborhoods of Seattle.

CSO 30 - Phillip

CSO Phillip – CSO 30

Bio + -

While obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice from Tompkins Cortland College, in New York, Phil began working with at-risk youth. Phil had the opportunity to work with youth who had a diverse set of specialized needs, and to develop and manage the programs to meet those needs. Phil was also a trainer in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for approximately 10 years.

Phil moved to Seattle with his Partner in 2019. Eager to continue his work serving his community he became a Care Coordinator on a WISe team, until joining the Seattle Police Department as a Community Service officer.

CSO 31 - Jamie

CSO Jamie – CSO 31

Bio + -

After graduating from college with a BA in English, Jamie began her career in Law Enforcement Support working in Police Records and later as a Police Records Supervisor. She also spent time working as a Police Officer and with Animal Control.

Jamie is passionate about animal welfare and has working knowledge of animal rescue for both wildlife and domestic animals, including extensive knowledge of resources and programs. She has applied that knowledge to assisting people in crisis who have limited options for their pets. Jamie has also cultivated relationships with community partners allowing the CSO Unit to expand their ability to supply clothing, shoes, snacks, and pet supplies to those most in need.

In her free time, Jamie loves to travel. She has been all over the world and enjoys learning about other cultures, communities, and their history. Jamie utilizes her training and life experience to be a positive representative of the Seattle Police Department by developing community partnerships, providing resource options to those in need and giving back to the community in the greater Seattle area.

CSO 32 - Jane

CSO Jane – CSO 32

Bio + -

Jane grew up in North Seattle and raised her two children in the Wallingford neighborhood. After graduating from Gonzaga University with a Business degree Jane worked at Apple which jump started her 15 years in high tech corporate sales traveling throughout the US. During this time, Jane helped run a family-owned production business, coached middle school girls’ basketball, earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was active on the Parent Council at her children’s’ high school.

Jane spent 6 years as a Corrections Officer at SCORE jail working in the Programs department alongside Sound Mental Health, DSHS, and Western State. Jane left SCORE as a Transport Officer and joined the Seattle Police Department in 2018 as a patrol officer. During Jane’s 4th year on patrol at the North Precinct she decided she wanted to pursue joining the Community Service Officer team.

Jane looks forward to deepening her connection within the Seattle Community. Her favorite hobbies are riding her motorcycle, snowboarding, playing pickle ball and gardening. She currently lives in North Seattle with her Partner and their black lab, Alle.

CSO 33 - Janice

CSO Janice – CSO 33

Bio + -

Janice is a long time resident of the White Center neighborhood of Seattle.  As the oldest daughter of Vietnamese immigrants who opened their own family restaurant in White Center, Janice grew up embedded in the Seattle area.  Janice became the face and personality of Young’s Restaurant, voted Westsider of the Year in 2021 because of her deep commitment to family, businesses, and community.  While Janice received her Bachelor Science in Liberal Studies at Central Washington University in Des Moines and ran the family business, she always dreamed of working for Seattle Police Department in some capacity to be of service to her community.  In 2021, the family decided to sell the restaurant and Janice was finally able to pursue that dream.  Becoming a Community Service Officer for SPD is a decades long dream realized for her, and she is looking forward to using her deep community connections to help bring the community, businesses, and police department closer to a universal goal of cooperation, diversity and inclusivity.

CSO 34 - Murray

CSO Clyde – CSO 35

Bio + -

Clyde Weems has been a highly effective youth advocate, empowering youth through education, sports, self-empowerment, counseling, and mentoring. Overcoming the challenges of the inner-city, he’s used his experiences to connect with young people in some of the most underserved populations of New York and Los Angeles. By offering constructive and safe outlets and promoting a drug-free healthy active lifestyle, Clyde encourages youth to dream big and accomplish their goals. In 2006, in an effort to help bridge the achievement gap hindering poor underserved young men in the inner-city, Clyde developed the P.R.E.P.S program (Providing Recreation Empowerment Purpose Self-Esteem) through The Children’s Aid Society-Dunlevy Milbank Center in Harlem, New York. P.R.E.P.S participants make a commitment to stay drug-free and serve as positive active member s of the community while maintaining high academic standards.  P.R.E.P.S. has seen much success with close to 70% of the participants matriculating into college and serving as leaders and mentors in their community. Clyde has received numerous awards and accolades for his community service and youth advocacy as well as his personal accomplishments in sports and basketball.

CSO 36 - Chris

CSO Chris – CSO 36

Bio + -

My name is Chris and I was born in Oklahoma City, Ok. I served in the Marine Corps
after high school, and have been lucky enough to experience many cultures around the globe
because of that service. After the military I received my BA and MA in Criminal Justice from the
Univ. of Central Oklahoma. My path led me to working with disabled, and homeless veterans as
a veterans advocate at the State and National levels. I assisted with personal grants, homeless
stand downs, housing, medical and pension benefits. I moved my family to Washington in 2016,
and have worked with developmentally delayed individuals for the past 6 years. I have a
passion for working with people that have not had the same opportunities as others, or have
somehow fallen through the cracks of society.

CSO 36 - Chris

CSO Helene – CSO 37

Bio + -

Helene is the mother of four daughters and is an internationally experienced teacher, counselor, life coach, and workshop facilitator. After receiving her BA in Criminal Justice, she worked as a caseworker at a halfway house and at a drug program in Washington, DC before becoming a Parole/Probation Agent for the State of Maryland.

Prior to her move to Washington, Helene lived and worked in India, Niger, Uganda, and the Bahamas. She has a master’s degree in Counseling and Development and a certification in Applied Positive Psychology. She is also a certified life coach. She has worked with children, teens, and adults in individual and group settings.

Helene is driven by a passion to guide and empower others to uncover their inner strengths so they can grow and thrive. She looks forward to building relationships and serving the Seattle community as a CSO. 

CSO 36 - Chris

CSO Kyle – CSO 38

Bio + -

Kyle grew up in South Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Communications. Before joining the Seattle Police Department, he was with the Seattle Public Library for more than 4 years and had the opportunity to work with individuals from all backgrounds.

Kyle is thrilled to be a Community Service Officer and looks forward to building partnerships with social services providers, community members, and supporting individuals’ needs.


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