Living Room Conversations

The Seattle Police Department Community Outreach Section is eagerly seeking community and business members who are interested in hosting and/or participating in a "Living Room Conversation" within your neighborhood precinct. 

What are Living Room Conversations?

These conversations are designed to bring together local community members and police officers from their neighborhood precincts in a social and casual "living room" setting to simply just meet each other.  The intent is to foster an open dialogue, discuss neighborhood concerns and accomplishments, and build one-on-one relationships between officers and the communities they serve. 

What is the purpose of the Living Room Conversations? 

To provide an opportunity in a social and casual setting for community members and neighborhood police officers to build lasting relationships and foster public safety. 

Who can attend Living Room Conversations? 

Community members who live within the Seattle city limits are eligible to attend living room conversations provided that they are hosting the meeting or have been invited by the host or the host's designee. 

Where are Living Room Conversations held? 

Living room conversations are generally held at a community member's residence or community facility that can accommodate 10-20 participants.