VST Volunteer Qualifications

The Seattle Police Department offers a rewarding volunteer opportunity with the Domestic Violence Victim Support Team (VST).  VST volunteers offer crisis intervention, support, and resources to domestic violence victims and their children during the critical time following a domestic violence incident.


  • A valid Washington State Driver's License
  • Be 21 years of age or older by the final date of academy training
  • Pass a Seattle Police Department background check

Qualified Applicants:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to assisting 
    domestic violence victims
  • Exercise strong listening and problem-solving skills
  • Are excited about working with people from diverse communities
  • Work well as a part of a team
  • Are comfortable in a law enforcement environment that handles sensitive and confidential materials
  • Accept and utilize constructive feedback

Strong Candidates Posess:

  • An understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence
  • Related crisis intervention experience and/or skills
  • One year of relevant volunteer work, training, 
    or personal experience

Time Commitment

Joining our team requires a substantial investment to complete the training process before actively volunteering.

Please review the following and consider if this volunteer role will work for your life schedule.

  1. Training requirements: 50-hour academy classroom training + 20 hours of field training.
  2. Volunteer one 8-hour shift per month, for at least 1 year after completing training requirements.
    VST weekend volunteer shift hours: 
    Friday        3rd Watch     7:00pm - 3:00am 
    Saturday    2nd Watch    11:00am - 7:00pm 
    Saturday    3rd Watch     7:00pm - 3:00am 
    Sunday      2nd Watch    11:00am - 7:00pm 
    Sunday      3rd Watch     7:00 pm - midnight
  3. Attend 7 out of 12 monthly meetings and/or events, each calendar year.  These meetings are designed to offer additional training relevant to the position.  The events offer team bonding and volunteer appreciation.  Volunteers may choose which 7 to attend.