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Urban Center College Housing - What & Why

Urban Center College Housing

What's Happening Now?

SDCI delivered this bill to the City Council in April 2022, where it will be reviewed by the Land Use Committee. The bill is named as Council Bill 120313. For more information, see the Seattle City Council's legislation webpage and enter the bill number in the search box. 

This Committee is scheduled to hold a public hearing on this bill during its June 8 meeting, and then consider amendments to the bill in its next meeting on June 22. If the Committee approves this bill on June 22, it will be sent to the full City Council for a final vote.

What is in this bill?

SDCI is proposing legislation to support the building of new affordable housing resources, especially in our Urban Centers. This would make it easier to permit new housing to serve students that need more affordable housing choices.

Under the proposed rules, community colleges will be allowed to add one unanticipated housing development to its master plan. The master plans are approved by the City and have a 15-20 year lifespan.

The proposal would allow the new housing as a "minor" amendment to the master plan rather than a "major" amendment. The minor amendment process includes community review steps and can be approved within about one year instead of the 2-3 years it takes for a new master plan or a more complicated amendment process.

Project Benefits

Capitol Hill is an urban center neighborhood with many residents and active uses. Seattle Central College (SCC) provides education and training that helps our residents prepare to enter the workforce or advance their careers. Making it possible for SCC to start building new housing soon will benefit many students, letting them live near school, saving housing and transportation costs.

Our proposal will:

  • Support community college students
  • Expand housing availability in the neighborhood
  • Promote efficient living and travel patterns
  • Promote the continued vitality of Capitol Hill

The End Result

Our proposal will help get more affordable housing choices in Capitol Hill more quickly, and support the college's interest in providing a well-rounded campus setting. 

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