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How RRIO Helps Renters

We help to ensure that all rental property in Seattle meets important housing safety and maintenance requirements. We require that all rental housing properties in Seattle register with us, with a few exceptions, and have an inspection at least once every 5 - 10 years. Renters and property owners need to work together when a property is due for an inspection. Also, be sure to check out our Rental Inspection Brochure

All residential rental properties in the city of Seattle were required to be registered by the end of 2016. If you are curious to know whether a property is registered, visit the Seattle Services Portal and enter the address in the search bar. All the associated records for the property will be returned as search results, including rental registration records. 

What is a RRIO inspection?

A RRIO inspection is a careful look for specific maintenance items. An inspection is not a look at your possessions, how you live, or what you do in your living space. The RRIO inspection is limited to a checklist that includes things like:

  • No holes or visible leaks in the roof or walls
  • Plumbing fixtures, such as sinks and toilets, work properly
  • Windows and doors work properly and are secure
  • A permanently-installed, working heating system

Who will do an inspection?

  • A City inspector
  • A qualified private inspector who must meet city requirements including training, and who’s work is monitored by the City 

How Will I Know When My Unit Will be Inspected?

Your property owner or manager must notify you at least two days before your building or unit is inspected. You should work with your property owner or manager to arrange access for the inspector. City and state law says that you cannot unreasonably deny access for the inspection.

What Can You Do?

There are things that you can do to help make sure that your home is well-maintained and safe to live in:

  • Encourage your landlord / property owner to register
  • Learn about the basic RRIO safety and maintenance standards
  • Tell your property owner or manager when things need to be fixed
  • Contact our Code Compliance unit if your landlord refuses to make repairs or register for the program

If you want to learn more about the minimum housing standards that RRIO is using to evaluate rental units, read the RRIO Checklist.

Learn More about RRIO

For more information about RRIO, see our About RRIO page.

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