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Park District Funding Plan

We want to hear from YOU!

In 2014, Seattle voters approved the Seattle Park District providing Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) with funds to increase investment in maintenance, recreation affordability, park development, and supporting community programs. The first six-year cycle of the Seattle Park District spanned 2015-2020. More information about accomplishments and lessons learned throughout Cycle 1 is available in the Cycle-End Report and associated Appendices.

In 2020, planning for Cycle 2 of the Seattle Park District was delayed twice due to uncertainties associated with the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic impacts. The City Council acting as the Park District Board passed annual budgets for the Park District in 2021 and 2022.

Cycle 2 of the Park District will span the years 2023-2028.  

The Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners (BPRC) is charged with holding public meetings and making recommendations to the Superintendent of SPR for each six-year cycle of the Park District. Starting in late March 2022, the BPRC is launching a public process to consider potential investments for Cycle 2, both at full board meetings and through more in-depth subcommittee discussions. Your opportunity to engage in this process is outlined below - please review the proposal packages and provide feedback for each.  

(Timeframe for feedback: March 29 - May 12)

Enhancing Access
and Services

Restoring Clean, Safe & Welcoming Parks & Facilities

Investing for
the Future

View videos of Board of Seattle Parks and Recreation Commissioners meetings and subcommittee meetings at this Seattle Channel page.

For more information and details about this process, please visit BPRC Park District Review Materials.

There are opportunities for feedback at a Community Check-In at the April 14, 2022 Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners (BPRC) meeting - or by writing to A schedule of Board meetings and BPRC subcommittee meetings is available here.

For questions about this process, please email