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Apply for a $20 Car Tab Rebate

Eligible vehicle owners receive a $20 rebate on their car-tab fees.

Apply for a Carpool Permit

Carpooling lets you share the ride and the cost, and helps to reduce congestion and greenhouse gases.

Apply for a Community Crosswalk

Interested in getting a Community Crosswalk in your neighborhood?

Apply for a Disabled Parking Pass

The City of Seattle allows on-street parking at no cost to holders of disabled parking permits.

Apply for a Loading Zone

A load zone is a type of curb use that restricts a portion of the curb for loading and unloading activities.

Apply for a Public Space Management Permits

Obtain permits to use and activate public street areas.

Apply for a Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Permit

Apply for or renew your permit to park on the street in restricted parking zones.

Apply for A Safe Routes to School Mini Grant

Grants of up to $1,000 for walking and biking encouragement programs.

Apply for a Street Use Permit

Street Use offers more than 60 types of permits for use, occupation and/or construction in the public right of way.

Apply for an Over-legal Vehicles and Loads Permits

Permits for required for vehicles or loads exceeding the maximum height, width, and/or length.

Apply for Urban Forestry Permit

Urban forestry permits are issued for tree planting, tree pruning, tree removal/replacement in the public right of way.

Ask a Tree Question

Call 206-684-TREE(8733) for answers about tree rules and regulations.

Download the "Find It, Fix It" App

Easily report selected issues to the City of Seattle via mobile app.

Find Boeing Field Information

King County International Airport—also known as Boeing Field—is one of the nation's busiest primary non-hub airports.

Find Capital Projects Dashboard

Budget, spending, and timeline information on city transportation projects greater than $500,000.

Find Info on Parking Pay Stations

Parking pay station features, problems, and rules.

Find Motorcycle & Scooter Parking

More than 100 parking spaces for the exclusive use of motorcycles and scooters.

Find On-Street Bike Parking

A list of on-street bike parking space.

Find On-Street Paid Parking

On-street paid parking locations and rates in Seattle.

Find Parking Locations

On-street and garage parking throughout the city.

Find Planned Street Construction (map)

Construction, street closures and impacts throughout the city.

Find Port of Seattle Information

Port of Seattle included Sea-Tac airport, seaplanes, cruise ships, cargo and more.

Find Real-Time Downtown Parking Information

E-Park provides real-time downtown parking information.

Find Resources for Your Move to Seattle

Information and contacts for newcomers to Seattle.

Find Traffic Information

The Travelers map provides real-time traffic information, including alerts, construction and street closures.

Find Utility Projects in City Streets

The UPC coordinates construction in city streets to minimize impacts.

Get a Free Bike Map

The Seattle Bike Map presents information about cycling in Seattle in a clear, easy-to-use, and friendly format.

Get a Free Walking Map

Choose a walking route that best suits your interests and fitness level.

Get Traffic Alerts

Announce planned traffic events and provide information related to traffic conditions.

Make an ADA Request

Request curb ramps and accessible pedestrian signals.

Pay a parking ticket

Pay a ticket online or in person.

Pay for Parking by Phone

PayByPhone parking is convenient, easy and secure.

Report a Down Traffic Sign or Malfunctioning Signal

Use this service request type to report damaged street signs and malfunctioning traffic signals.

Report a Landslide

SDOT crews clear debris from roadways and bridges when a landslide occurs.

Report a Pothole

Report non-emergency problems: minor street repairs, sidewalk safety, broken traffic signals, damaged street signs, [...]

Report a Streetlight Out

When a streetlight goes out, let us know.

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle online.

Report Overgrown Vegetation

Use this service request type to report overgrown vegetation in public right-of-way areas maintained by SDOT.

Request a Bike Rack

Request a bike rack or corral.

Request a Temporary No Parking Zone

Temporary No Parking Zones are established to restrict regular parking and provide curb space for special purposes.

Request Street Maintenance

SDOT crews clean up spills in the street.

Ride Metro Transit

Metro provides bus service throughout King County.

Ride Pierce Transit

Provides bus service to Pierce County.

Ride Sound Transit

Sound Transit provides regional bus and light rail service that connects communities in King, Pierce and Snohomish [...]

Ride the King County Water Taxi

King County Water Taxi serves Vashon Island/Downtown Seattle and West Seattle/Downtown Seattle.

Ride the Monorail

Seattle Center Monorail provides service between downtown Seattle and Seattle Center.

Ride the Seattle Streetcar

The streetcar systems in South Lake Union and First Hill.

Ride Washington State Ferries

Look up fares, tickets, reservations, routes and schedules.

Schedule a Utility/Tree Inspection

Utility inspections ensure that Seattle's trees are protected both above ground and below.

Track Streetlight Repairs

Streetlights we are working on and the expected time for repairs.

View Snow & Ice Response (Map)

During major winter storms, plan your trip by seeing where the snow plows have been.

View the 72-Hour On-Street Parking Ordinance

A vehicle cannot be parked on a city street for longer than 72 hours.

25 Programs

$20 Car Tab Rebate Program

Provides income qualified vehicle owners a $20 rebate on their car-tab fees.

Adaptive Streets Program

Experiments with new public spaces and street improvements.

Bicycle Share

Short-term bicycle use to get around Seattle.

Bike Program

Provides resources for people interested in riding bikes in Seattle.

Community Crosswalks

Special painted crosswalks are a great way to represent a neighborhood.

Commute Trip Reduction (CTR)

Transportation resources for Seattle employers.

Heritage Tree Program

A cooperative program between the City of Seattle and PlantAmnesty to celebrate Seattle's Special Trees.


Transportation resources and training for property managers and residents of multifamily buildings.

Neighborhood Street Fund

Provides neighborhood transportation improvements that are requested by the community.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Provides options for assessing and/or reducing speed on neighborhood streets.

Parking Program

Manages regulation of the curb to balance variety of needs and ensure reliable access.

Paving Program

Resurfaces several streets each year with the larger goal of enhancing both mobility and safety citywide.

Pedestrian Program

Provides resources to help people walk around Seattle.

Placemaking and Complete Streets

Identifies opportunities in street rights-of-ways to create desirable places and assess the needs of all modes.

Public Space Management

Promotes and manages activation of public space in the right-of-way.

Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Program

Eases parking congestion in residential neighborhoods by issuing parking permits for residents.

Safe Routes to School

Encourages children's physical activity through walking and bicycling.

Seattle Freight Mobility Program

Improves freight mobility and safety in Seattle.

Shoreline Street Ends Program

Manages the process for improving shoreline street ends.

Stairway Program

Maintains, repairs and rehabilitates Seattle's public stairways.

Street Vacations

Manages the street vacation analysis, review and public process.

Transit Program

Enhance transit service funding, planning and policy, streetcar, and corridor improvements.

Transportation Management Program (TMP)

Transportation resources for property owners.

Vision Zero

Seattle's plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

Winter Storm Response Program

Clearing away snow and ice on Seattle's arterial streets.