The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires the City of Seattle and public accommodations to provide equitable access for people with disabilities.  Event organizers are expected to make every effort to follow ADA guidelines and provide and maintain access for people with disabilities.  This may include providing a clear path of travel to and on sidewalks, curb cuts and restrooms; maintaining already-designated parking for people with disabilities, providing additional parking for people with disabilities if parking is provided; and providing accessible restrooms. 

Depending on the type of event, attention must also be given to the needs of people with other types of disabilities.  For example, if the main purpose of your event is to hear a speaker, there may be a need to provide a sign language interpreter and make sure there is an area available for people with hearing impairments to view the interpreter.    

All parades need to designate an area for people with disabilities to view the parade.  This special area must be provided without a fee in an area where viewing is also free for non-disabled people and must be staffed with monitors to ensure visibility.  In the event an area such as a special grandstand is set aside for paid viewing, this area must also include accessible seating for wheelchair users who wish to buy tickets.  

Whenever portable restrooms are required for a special event, at least one must be accessible for people with disabilities; in case of large crowds, additional handicapped accessible restrooms are desirable.  

All parking plans must include a designated parking area for people with current State Handicapped Parking Permits.  


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