Administrative Review

From Seattle Municipal Code Section 15.52.060


The Special Events Committee may deny an application for a special event permit if:

  1. The applicant supplies false or misleading information; the applicant fails to complete the application or to supply other required information or documents; or the applicant declares or shows an unwillingness or inability to comply with reasonable terms or conditions contained in the proposed permit;
  2. The time necessary to plan, process, and permit the event is insufficient based on the size, scope, complexity, location, or history of the event, and the resources available to the City, except that nothing in this subsection 15.52.060.B.2 shall limit an applicant's ability to obtain a last-minute parade permit pursuant to Section 11.25.050.E. Applications for spontaneous free speech events that are occasioned by news or affairs coming into public knowledge less than one week before such events shall not be denied with respect to the date of the proposed event based on this subsection 15.52.060.B.2;
  3. The proposed event is proximate to another previously permitted or previously scheduled event, so that the combined impacts and required public services exceed what the City, after reasonable efforts have been made to accommodate both events, can reasonably provide; or the proposed event would interfere with construction or maintenance work in the immediate vicinity; or
  4. The proposed event would unreasonably disrupt the orderly or safe circulation of traffic; would present an unreasonable danger to the health or safety, or present an unreasonable risk of injury, to the public, the participants, or City employees; or would present an unreasonable risk of damage to property.

In the event subsection 2, 3, or 4 applies, the Special Events Committee shall offer the applicant the opportunity to submit an alternative date or place for the proposed event before denying the application. For free speech and mixed free speech events, the City shall designate an alternative proposal and may impose conditions pursuant to Seattle Municipal Code Section 15.52.050

If the Special Events Committee denies an application, the Committee shall state in writing the reasons for its denial.


The Special Events Committee may cancel or revoke a permit already issued upon written notice to the applicant stating the grounds for revocation if:

  1. The applicant, in the information supplied, has made misstatement of a material fact; the applicant has failed to fulfill a term or condition of the permit in a timely manner; or the check submitted by an applicant in payment of the fee for a permit has been dishonored; or
  2. The applicant requests the cancellation of the permit or cancels the event; or
  3. An emergency or supervening occurrence requires the cancellation or termination of the event in order to protect the public health or safety.

Administrative Review

An applicant may request an administrative review of: a Special Events Committee denial of a special events permit application, or conditions placed upon a permit that the applicant alleges are unconstitutional or will prevent the applicant from holding the proposed event. Such a review shall be conducted by an Administrative Review Committee, comprised of the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation if the event will impact a park, the Director of Seattle Center if the event will impact the Seattle Center area, the Director of Transportation, the Fire Chief, the Chief of Police, and the Director of the Office of Economic Development, or their deputies, provided that if the deputy is a member of the Special Events Committee, then the department head shall serve on the Administrative Review Committee.

A request for an administrative review shall be made to the Special Events Committee in writing within three business days after the denial or issuance of the permit with conditions. The Administrative Review Committee shall issue its review within five business days of its receipt of the request for review.

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