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Seattle IT is a trusted partner that provides secure, reliable, and compliant technologies enabling the City to deliver equitable and responsive services to the public.

Seattle IT is led by the City’s Chief Technology Officer (interim), Rob Lloyd, who was appointed in May 2024. For more information on Rob Lloyd, read the TechTalk blog.  The IT Communications team in the CTO’s Office is led by the Communications Manager and Public Information Officer (PIO) Megan Erb. All inquiries related to Seattle IT may be directed to

Seattle IT is broken down into eight divisions working collaboratively together, along with other City departments, to ensure compliant technologies for the public. Learn more about our divisions below and the work we provide the region through our other web pages and social media channels.

The Applications division is responsible for building, maintaining, and supporting applications that enable various City business functions and services. The division manages enterprise-wide software solutions, including Geographic Information System (GIS), Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), and permitting; provides development and support for applications that are specific to departments’ business needs, including finance and human resources, public safety, and dispatch, and utility billing systems; and supports ongoing software maintenance and enhancements. The Applications Division is led by Acting Director Ashley Cooper.

The Chief of Staff division provides the services that enable the successful operation of the department, including operational performance management, human resources, process improvement, Race and Social Justice (RSJ), organizational change management, and administrative services. The division director and Chief of Staff is William Smith.

The Client and Community Engagement (CCE) division oversees several business-critical areas, including client engagement, IT governance, digital engagement, digital equity, broadband, cable television, and telecommunication policy; the Seattle Channel; IT service management; and the IT Service Desk. The division serves as the liaison, along with a partnership with Seattle IT communications, for our internal clients, the public, and our elected officials.  The Client and Community Engagement division is led by Director Tracye Cantrell.

Collaboration and Workplace Technologies (CWT) provides the services, platforms, and modern tools and technologies to support City employees in performing their day-to-day work no matter where they are. The division delivers end-to-end technical support, training, and incident resolution to all City employees. The Collaboration and Workplace Technologies division is led by Interim Director Elaine Bautista.

The Data Privacy, Accountability, and Compliance (DPAC) division provides structure and guidance essential for City departments to fully incorporate data management and compliance practices into daily operations, and to build trust and confidence in how the City collects and manages the public’s information. This division is also responsible for the City’s public records program.  The Data Privacy, Accountability, and Compliance division director is Chief Privacy Officer Ginger Armbruster.

Seattle IT Finance provides accounting, budgeting, financial analysis and reporting, payroll, procurement and contracting, and vendor management services for Seattle IT. In addition, the division monitors and implements financial management standards to continuously improve processes and create innovative, easy-to-use tools that align with citywide policies and practices. This division enables Seattle IT to execute strategic financial decisions that maximize business value. The Seattle IT Finance Director is Jan Tonning.

The Project Delivery division is responsible for the successful delivery of Citywide IT Portfolio projects. The division is comprised of project management, business analysis, portfolio and resource management, and quality assurance teams who work to optimize and align IT projects and IT governance structures, policies, and processes, manage resources, mitigate risks, and realize expected outcomes. The Project Delivery division is led by Director Nicole Simpkinson.

The Security and Infrastructure (SI) division delivers the extensive infrastructure technologies behind the City’s digital capabilities, including servers, networks, databases, telephony, identity services, secure remote access, and cloud infrastructure, to name a few. Crucially, this division also includes the City’s cybersecurity, cyber risk, and emergency management programs, which help ensure the City’s data and other technology assets are safe and resilient. The Security and Infrastructure division is led by Director and Chief Information Security Officer Greg Smith.

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Seattle IT is a trusted partner that provides secure, reliable, and compliant technologies enabling the City to deliver equitable and responsive services to the public.