Digital Images and Videos

The City utilizes digital images and video information for a variety of reasons, some of which are outlined below. Depending on public policy, the needs of the facility, and applicable laws and regulations, these recordings may record video, audio, or both.

Whenever possible, the City provides notice of image or video capture. Such records may be used for promotion of City services or events. For information on public safety image capture, please see the Public Safety Information section of the privacy statement.

Examples of Images and Video Information

  • Video and audio footage (streaming or recorded)
    • Traffic monitoring video
    • City facility security camera footage
  • Images you may send to the City
  • City sponsored event photos

Using Images and Video Information

Some of the ways digital images and videos may be used include:

  • Monitoring traffic flow and major traffic events (for public consumption, traffic studies, or infrastructure planning)
  • City event promotion
  • Common area monitoring for facility usage and/or public health and safety purposes
  • Identity verification related to receiving City services or enrolling in City programs

Protections for Image and Video Information

When possible notification of security camera usage will be posted in the area where video cameras are in use. In many cases, video associated with monitoring traffic flow and major events is streamed, and often made public for trip planning purposes. There are cases where this information may be securely stored for traffic studies, or otherwise required by law.